Googan Continues the Takeover with Four New Products

Frisco, TX – Googan continues its growth and dominance in freshwater fishing soft plastics thanks to its original best-selling baits such as the Bandito Bug, Lunker Log, and Mondo Worm. This year the brand has spread its wings even further by introducing four new soft plastic bait bodies. Among these introductions include the completely custom Slizzard Lizard, exceptionally innovative Happy Trailer, do-it-all versatile Love Grub, and supremely special, Doob Tube.


The brand has grown exponentially in recent years and with that growth comes the opportunity for breadth of assortment. For Spring 2023, Googan Baits will reach a total of 18 unique soft plastic bodies in varying sizes and enticing colorways. The most sought after from our consumer base, and the entry for the ICAST New Product Showcase in soft plastic lures, is the cleverly named Slizzard Lizard. The Slizzard Lizard was designed from scratch by the Googans and the House of Outdoors internal team with the goal in mind to create a unique body with as much action as possible. Thoroughly tested, innovatively designed articulating joints create a unique up and down action allowing the bait to move with ease. The lizard’s tail reflects the design language of the extremely popular Mondo Worm. Its long, sickle-style tail creates enticing action as it moves through the water.

Another line extension for Googan in Spring 2023 includes a truly cutting-edge trailer. The Happy Trailer features an industry-leading concept for cutting plastic in multiple directions, giving it omni-directional movement. Designed specifically to be used on the back of a bladed jig as a trailer, the bait functions equally as well on the back of any lead that can benefit from a supplemental trailer. Its tail has a first-of-its-kind attribute as well; divots in the center of the tail allows it to catch water as it moves increasing water displacement and action.

Likely the most versatile addition to Googan’s portfolio is the Love Grub; a twin-tail style grub that can be fished just about any way you’d like to rig it. After the massive success of the most recently launched Blazin’ Worm, the Love Grub mimics the Blazin’s aggressive tail design and doubles-up for maximum movement. Twin tails move in an oscillating action enticing bites at any depth in the water column. You name the technique – Texas rig, weightless, buzzbait trailer, jig trailer; the list goes on. The Love Grub is available in six unique natural colors to give anglers the most versatility possible out of a single soft plastic.

And last, but certainly not least, the Doob Tube covers several bases from smallmouth finesse fishing to flippin’ for big largemouth. Offered in twelve colorways total and three distinct sizes, the Doob tube fills a void our anglers have been requesting for a long time. The 2.5” and 3.5” models are offered in generally more “Northern” colors for finesse smallmouth fishing and the 4” is offered in its own color variants for pitching and flipping. Unlike most plastic tubes on the market, the tentacles on the Doob Tube were uniquely engineered in CAD, so the geometry is more uniformly organic rather than simply cut randomly off of the mold.

Googan will continue investing and innovating in the soft plastic lures category, always finding ways to break the mold and push its designs in new ways. Googan will have all these soft plastics available for view and discussion in House of Outdoors booth #4612.

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