Googan Baits Brings Mobs to ICAST 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Googan Baits is already the talk of ICAST after making a splash entrance on Super Tuesday. The sight of hundreds of fishing fans greeted attendees outside of the Orange County Convention Center at ICAST On the Water.

A line wrapped around one side of the small fishing pond where several dozen exhibitors were busy displaying new rods, reels, sunglasses, and watercraft to a bustling crowd of attendees, and as a Raymarine Axiom-piloted drone buzzed over the water, no crowd loomed as large as the one surrounding Googan Baits.

Fresh pizza, new lures, and autographs awaited those braving the Florida sun to meet some of YouTube’s most popular fishing celebrities.

With more than 4 million YouTube subscribers, the Googan Squad are poised to bring their social media success to the tackle industry. A controversial public invitation to their ICAST On the Water booth resulted in a crowd of spectators flocking to ICAST On the Water.  American Sportfishing Association officials acknowledged the miscommunication, but opted not to turn away fans of the sport who’d come to see their internet heroes new line of soft plastics.

Googan Baits sells out of inventory in 25 minutes

Sales for Googan Baits went live on their website on July 3 at 7:00 p.m.,  and, according to company officials, inventory completely sold out by 7:20 p.m. The introductory product line is headlined by six soft plastic lures targeted towards the bass market: the Bandito Bug, Trench Hawg, Krackin’ Craw, Slim Shake Worm, 10″ Mondo Worm, and Drag N Drop. All retail for $5.99.

“That was completely crazy,” says Googan Baits partner and FLW Pro Scott Martin. “We have six different kinds of styles, but we spent over a year developing these baits, and we really focused on the scent and texture of the baits. There’s a lot of soft plastic companies out there and they don’t put the right amount of salt in them or the right texture. But the cool thing about this is, the Googan Squad fishes every single day, all over the country. So with them fishing the lures and the tournament guys fishing the lures, we are able to test these baits in every scenario imaginable.”

Martin says the Googan Baits Instagram page is lightning hot, gathering 50,000 followers in the days before their product lunch—without posting a single photo.

“That’s 100-percent organic,” he tells. “It’s 100-percent real. This isn’t marketing or paid promotions or any of that. It’s real.”

On the heals of their eCommerce launch, Googan is taking orders from brick-and-mortar retailers via