You Won’t Believe What Geobass Dug Up in Africa

The Kalahari Desert spans 360,000 square miles in Southern Africa. It’s name literally means “a waterless place,” and it’s the last place you’d look for fish. But that’s exactly where Costa’s Geobass team set off for on a three month expedition to find whatever they could catch. 

With little planning beyond an 18-hour flight, the Geobass team hits the ground in Botswana hard by securing the services of a Rambo-style survival truck and a mysterious guide. “We’ve heard about it all of our lives. It’s time. We’re here. We’re going,” said Geobass jester Jay Johnson. But with no plan, they’re quickly relegated to browsing African fishing magazines to decipher which species are around them. The result? Two bass that are all but unknown to North American anglers—the beautiful Emerald Fire Bass, and hulking Golden Bass.


For those of you following the team on Instagram, Costa’s release of the Botswana episode couldn’t come sooner. For months, followers have been tantalized by field photos of the continent’s legendary wildlife at every turn, and it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed. Fishing in Africa, as it turns out, is no joke. Crocodiles lurk in the shadows of every cast, and the every-present threat of deadly hippos attacking boats in the day and raiding camps at night means the team is surrounded by danger. It also means they’re forced to improvise their lures—have you ever tied a fly from weave?

But beyond that, finding any water at all is a real challenge for most of the journey. Africa is notorious for its wet and dry seasons, and satellite imagery isn’t always particular about which season it maps. As with other Geobass episodes, this is a real adventure. It’s full of huge hurdles, big bass, and epic adventure. Click play at top watch the whole thing.