Gear Guides at are a Great Resource for Dealers

Wondering what to stock in your store as winter sets in? Frustrated because your sales rep can’t swing by and show you the latest in gear from your favorite brands? Head over to and check out their gear guides like the New Tackle for 2021 Guide and the new  2020 Ice Fishing Gear Guide.

“We’ve had many requests for a New Ice Fishing Gear Guide after the popularity of our 2021 New Tackle Guide earlier this year,” states Publisher and COO, Jason Sealock. “With all of the logistical challenges and lack of shows for both the industry and the angling public that the pandemic brought, we thought creating some seasonal fishing gear resources would be good for everyone. 

“We launched our ICAST / New Tackle Gallery in July and it has more than eight million page views in less than four months. We launched one specifically for our ice fishing audience with our New Ice Fishing Gear Guide, on Nov. 3, 2020. And, we’re already working on a crappie guide. Our hope is to give anglers a place to see all of the new products in their space in one easy-to-browse place as well as give the manufacturers a place to showcase their new items to a larger audience.”

Wired2fish’s Gear Guides are not only set up to help consumers find anything that they could possibly need for a specific season of angling, they are also designed to help dealers decide what to stock by keeping them informed in a seasonal, product-concentric way. High resolutions images and quick descriptions of the products make the guides easy to browse and consume along with links to see more and purchase.

“When we set up these galleries, we are trying to support the whole fishing industry,” Sealock said. “We reach out to all of our contacts, and as we build these, our contact list grows. So, we are trying to be as inclusive as possible.” 

“I attended the 2020 Crappie Expo in Branson, Mo. and was able to meet a bunch of new manufacturers to hopefully bring more products to the angling community in upcoming guides. We want to be a resource for anglers in a lot of different fishing niches and help the industry as a whole wherever we can.”

Featuring more than 100 products, the 2020-2021 Wired2fish Ice Fishing Gear Guide keeps the die-hard ice fishing community up to speed on the new gear for hard water fishing. When paired with the rich “how-to” ice fishing content from Wired2fish, anglers can improve their ice fishing from season to season.

Wired2fish is dedicated to creating  proprietary content that helps educate anglers about new fishing tackle as well as where and how to fish with it. The new Ice Fishing Gear Guide is just another example of how this dynamic media platform serves the fishing industry.