Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Diversifies, Introduces a New Hard Bait Line

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, the worldwide leader in soft plastic innovation, will be introducing a new line of premium hard baits for 2014 and beyond at ICAST this July. These new products – two different styles of topwater, a selection of jerkbaits, and crankbaits aimed at three different diving ranges – cover the water column and all of any avid bass angler’s hard bait needs. They combine extreme durability and Gary Yamamoto’s legendary attention to detail with the best of Japanese lure makers’ ability to make a tool resemble a piece of art, all at a price more affordable than the competition. Each lure is outfitted with 1X strong Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and is designed to achieve maximum casting distance, lifelike acoustic footprints, 3-dimensional holographic foil and a custom-tuned action. All four bait styles are available in standard tournament-proven American finishes, along with novel patterns that will create a new list of industry standards.


The Chikara (“Power” in Japanese) is a compact-bodied crankbait aimed at true combat fishing. Whether you crank thick tangles of laydowns, riprap banks, river ledges or grass edges, there’s a Chikara crankbait that will fit your needs. The 100, 200 and 300 models dive up to 4 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet, respectively, depending on line size and other variables. Each is available in 16 different hues to cover any water clarity or forage base. After hundreds of hours of testing, we are convinced that these lures come through cover better than any others in their class without sacrificing any of the action or sound characteristics necessary to get even the wariest fish to strike. If you like to crank – shallow, mid-range or deep – these will be your year-round go-to baits.


The Tenkuu (“Sky” in Japanese) is a jerkbait which, as its name suggests, can glide through the water with the slickness of air, or with an effortless, snappier retrieve it can be made to rhythmically walk the dog under the surface. The three available sizes (76mm, 100mm, 110mm), represent the most common baitfish profiles and can dive up to 4 feet, 8 feet or 10 feet, respectively. These refined stickbaits will be killers for big fish in the pre-spawn, but the responsive nature of their construction allows these lifelike lures to be fished 12 months out of the year under a wide variety of conditions. The two smaller sizes are available in 17 different colors and the 110 comes in eight amazing patterns. Your options are sky high.


The Tate’ (pronounced tah-teh, “Dance” in Japanese) is a classic walk-the-dog topwater with more character and zip than its counterparts. Even a novice can effortlessly make it sashay in place, while in the hands of an experienced topwater artist it can be made to dance around cover and imitate wounded prey until even the most disinterested bass cannot help but strike. It’s deadly in just inches of water but can also call up big fish from the depths with the moves of a ballet dancer and the spirit of a warrior. The Tate’ is available in two versatile sizes and nine colors.


The Shibuki (“Splash” in Japanese) is a concave-faced popper that may be small in stature but packs a big punch, moving as much water as you desire with a simple twitch or pull of the rod. With a subtle action, you can make it just barely disturb the surface but with a downward yank you can spray water a long distance. Find the perfect cadence and its premium color schemes and sticky-sharp hooks will grab every fish that even looks at it crosswise. The Shibuki is available in two different sizes and seven color patterns, making it ideal for imitating a fleeing baitfish of any species or drawing cautious fish out of the gnarliest cover.

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