Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Wins ICAST Best of Show

ORLANDO, Fla. — The votes are tallied, and the results are clear: Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope is the king of ICAST. After edging out competitors in Wednesday’s category awards, Garmin ended the seven year run of its rivals and cemented itself as a firm technological leader in marine electronics.

“We’ve been trying to make headway in the freshwater market for a long time,” says Garmin Media Relations Manager Carly Hysell. “The original Panoptix helped us do that, and the number of people switching to Garmin is remarkable. We’re confident that LiveScope is going to push our momentum even farther.”

Bassmaster Elite Series pros Jason Christie and Fred Roumbanis were on the scene to accept the award with Garmin. “Panoptix changed the electronics game a couple of years ago,” added Christie. “Now, LiveScope is even taking it to the next level. The cool thing about it is the simplicity of it. What you see is what is there. The only picture that is better is if you dive int he water with goggles, and I’m not sure that’s really even better.”

Roumbanis chimed in, “Never before have you been able to tell what species of fish you are looking at like this. You can see the movement, you can see the profile. I was snapping a jig on the bottom and I saw. a walleye. I could see the fins of the walleye, you could see everything. There’s no way I could have seen that before.”

See LiveScope in real-time: