The Little Garmin Accessory Bringing a Bigger Perspective to Panoptix

Imagine your business launches a product silently—almost without fanfare of any kind—and within two days that product is backordered by 3,000 units. That’s what happened in February of this year when Garmin rolled out its new Perspective Mode Mount for its award-winning Panoptix LiveScope, a $99 transducer positioning accessory that allows existing LiveScope owners to see a third vantage point – an ‘angler perspective’ top-down view of the playing field while fishing.
“Once people figured out what it was – that with one little accessory mount, you could add a completely new technology to your existing system,” says Garmin Marine Director of Sales Dave Dunn, “it was off to the races.”

The races ran right past the 2020 Bassmaster Classic, where Dunn says Garmin initially had big plans to introduce the Perspective Mode Mount with a splash. However, due to the looming threat of COVID-19, those plans were toned down to a soft launch. Even still, consumer excitement around the new mount forced Garmin to make immediate supply chain changes that change the product’s official status from an accessory to an independent unit in their production cycle. According to Dunn, that move helped the company catch up to what they now forecast as a 1:1 ratio of LiveScope buyers to Perspective Mode Mount buyers.

“A lot of software work went into the mount and the new Perpective Mode technology, but we didn’t really know what a big thing this little mount would be,” added Dunn. “Within days, people were CNC routing their own mounts and selling knockoffs online. But now, we forecast enough mounts to sell one for each and every LiveScope System sold.”

Dunn says the knockoff mounts are still available, though he cautions that even a slight error in the angle of the mount will cause Perspective Mode to lose performance. “We caution customers to reconsider using a knockoff mount because it needs to be tuned properly for the best performance, and you only get that with a real Garmin mount.”

On the water, Perspective Mode has become a wunderkind among professional level bass anglers like Major League Fishing star Fred Roumbanis. Roumbanis is in the midst of a resurgent season as the top-flight Bass Pro Tour returns to action in conjunction with joint events hosted by FLW, and he’s had Perspective Mode on the water since June.

“The first time I got to use Perspective Mode, I was down in Florida for our Heavy Hitters tournament,” Roumbanis tells. “I went out in open grass on an open lake in Kissimmee, and I could literally watch schools of bait fish chasing the bait from right to left. I was watching bass chasing bait in super clear, crystal-like definition and could immediately fire in their direction.

“To see the school in motion and see that playing field from top-to-bottom, 180-degrees in front of you…it’s like you’re running down a football field and you can see where the defenders are. If you’ve ever played ‘Madden’ on Playstation, it feels like that.”

In Kissimmee, Roumbanis used the new feature, which connected to his pre-existing ECHOMAP Ultra units running Panoptix LiveScope, to navigate around submerged brush piles. He used it in conjunction with the ultra-quiet Garmin Force trolling motor to notch a $5,000 check en route to a Top-15 finish in the 2020 Patriot Cup standings.

“It’s so easy to use,” adds Roumbanis. “You just click the mount down and over to move the transducer. For someone that already has LiveScope, it’s a super easy, inexpensive install. Within about 10 minutes, you can have it out of the box and on your boat.

“It’s kind of what we have been missing. With LiveScope, you could already get pinpoint accuracy to see fish, but now you can see the structure around them from above.”