Gamakatsu Launches DuraScents Soft Plastic Baits

Tacoma, Washington – Gamakatsu®, the longtime leader in hooks for everything from bluegills to blue marlin, has brought the company’s unique talents for innovation into the saltwater soft bait market with the introduction of DuraScent baits. Whatever saltwater species anglers are chasing, there’s a DuraScent offering tailor made for that purpose, with built-in features that outfish and outlast the competition.

All DuraScent baits are made in Japan to strict market standards which are reflected in both their hyper realism and their durability. DuraScent baits are extremely durable, lasting longer than traditional soft plastics which allows them to stand up to the toothiest fish in the ocean. Super-soft elastomer provides extreme flexibility, allowing DuraScent baits to be stretched out to six times their original length. That means more time fishing, and less time re-rigging. DuraScent baits also float, which allows for a myriad of effective rigging options, taking advantage of natural currents to tempt anglers’ prey.

DuraScent plastics are infused with an all-natural blend of fish-attracting scents including shrimp, crab, fish oil and squid. After extended use, the extreme scent in DuraScent baits can be “refreshed” with a good stretch or two. Made with a non-toxic formula that is free of plastisol and phthalates making them environmentally friendly.

No matter which saltwater species is targeted for the day, there’s a DuraScent plastic that’ll catch them better than anything else. When other soft plastics get overlooked, these get chewed. The offerings include:

DuraScent Shrimp

  • Scent: Shrimp
  • Size: 2.3 inches
  • Colors: Angry Orange, Natural, Orange Glitter
  • Qty/Pkg: 3

The DuraScent Shrimp perfectly emulates the favorite food of a wide variety of gamefish, from the natural body shape to the legs and antennae that move and sway in the water with only the slightest current or angler manipulation. Once fish spot it, they’ll come in for a closer look, and the powerful shrimp scent will seal the deal. This is a soft plastic lure that can be fished from the top of the water column to the bottom, on weightless weedless hooks or a heavy jig. Rig it below a popping cork to target fish at a particular depth and call them in. The super-soft elastomer material floats and is extremely flexible stretching to over six times its length, making it far more durable than the competition, meaning anglers will spend more time reeling fish in and less time baiting hooks.

DuraScent Crab

  • Scent: Crab
  • Size: 1 inch
  • Colors: Pumpkin, Green Gold Flake
  • Qty/Pkg: 4

The DuraScent Crab provides the look, smell and feel of the real thing, enough to tempt even the most neutral fish, with a combination of exceptional durability and lifelike characteristics. The super-soft elastomer material is buoyant, allowing the legs and claws to float upward to tempt curious fish from a distance, and once they get within sniffing range, they’ll be brought closer by the all-natural crab infused scent. Gamakatsu’s DuraScent crab is durable, lasts longer than traditional soft plastic baits and is extremely flexible, stretching up to six times its length. Whether bottom fishing, jigging, using a popping cork or just about any other presentation imaginable, this will bring in the most and biggest specimens of anglers desired inshore or offshore species.

DuraScent Sandworm

  • Scent: Fish Oil
  • Size: 3.3 inches
  • Colors: Blood Red, Green Gold Flake
  • Qty/Pkg: 5

Gamakatsu’s DuraScent Sandworm looks, moves, feels and smells like the real thing, providing lifelike motion with only the slightest bit of current or angler manipulation. Once fish see it, they’ll be drawn in by the widely dispersed, all-natural fish oil scent, and once they bite, they’ll hold on because it feels so lifelike. The super-soft floating elastomer material allows anglers to rig it in a wide variety of ways and is far more durable than traditional soft plastic baits or even actual worms. The DuraScent Sandworm offers extreme flexibility and can stretch to over six times its length. Whether surf fishing or chasing big fish in some other environment, this is the worm imitator anglers can’t live without, a true game-changer.

DuraScent Octopus

  • Scent: Shrimp (1.5 inch size), Squid (4.5 and 6 inch size)
  • Size: 1.5 inches, 4.5 inches, 6 inches
  • Colors: Pink, Orange, Chartreuse, Red, Glow, UV Pearl, UV Holo Flake, Green
  • Qty/Pkg: 5 (1.5 inch size), 4 (4.5 inch size), 2 (6 inch size)

The DuraScent Octopus brings eight legs of super-durable and energetic action to waterways from coast to coast and beyond, tempting fish with its undulating natural action. It comes in three sizes – 1.5 inches, 4.5 inches and 6 inches – to “match the hatch” and appeal to a wide array of gamefish. DuraScent Octopus are extremely durable lasting longer than traditional soft plastic octopus/hoochie style baits. Super-soft elastomer provides extreme flexibility and stretches to over 6 times its length. Its buoyant material floats, creating a natural look and feel that fish can’t resist. The 1.5 inch size is infused with shrimp scent and is ideal for targeting kokanee, trout, bass and panfish. The 4.5-inch size is infused with an all-natural blend of real squid extract and is perfect for salmon and other larger species. Rig it behind their favorite dodger or flasher, and the natural action and extreme scent will help trigger more strikes. The 6-inch size excels when targeting a wide variety of bigger bottom fish like halibut. Anglers don’t leave home without a DuraScent Octopus if they want to come home with a full fish box or livewell.

DuraScent Salmon Eggs

  • Scent: Shrimp
  • Size: 7mm
  • Colors: Red, Creamsicle, Cerise, Pearl Pink, Pink Sheen
  • Qty/Pkg: 5 strands per package, 10 individual balls per strand

DuraScent Salmon Eggs are so incredibly natural-looking that they’re as good as the real thing. In fact, because of their exceptional durability and versatility, they may be better than the real thing. Whether fish are feeding by sight or scent, and whether anglers thread one egg on a hook or tie them in a cluster, the shrimp-infused extreme scent of these replicas will fool a wide variety of species into striking. Buoyant material that floats creates a natural look and feel that’s deadly on steelhead, trout, salmon, panfish and just about any other species, versatile in both freshwater and saltwater. Anglers can tie several together using a series of overhand knots to adjust the amount of bait presented. Because of their incredible ability to stretch to over six times their length, anglers will spend less time rigging baits and more time reeling in fish.


From humble beginnings as Japan’s smallest fishing hook manufacturer in 1955, Gamakatsu® Ltd has evolved to become the world’s preeminent hook manufacturer. Over the years, manufacturing upgrades and cutting-edge innovations have fueled Gamakatsu® USA’s rise as a top producer of fishing hooks, apparel, and fishing related items.

When anglers purchase Gamakatsu® hooks, they are buying an original product made exclusively by Gamakatsu®. Gamakatsu® is continuously testing new materials and striving to improve their products, which already sets the standard for the rest of the industry.