G. Loomis Rods Expands NRX Bass Series

WOODLAND, Washington USA – ICAST 2103 Introduction – Available Aug. ’13 – When first introduced to its showcase bass rod series in 2010, G.Loomis took rod construction to a new technology level with the use of NRX graphite. The series this year introduces the new NRX umbrella rig, Mag Bass and Spin Jig rods, along with new ‘Jig & Worm’ and ShakyHead rods added to the line-up. As with all NRX bass – and fly – rods, each rod is offered in two colors – matte black blank with blue wraps, and a deep green blank with accenting green wraps.

With the NRX blank construction method, G.Loomis utilizes a stiffer, lighter and higher density carbon married with Nano Silica resin to design rods that are lighter, yet more durable, extremely sensitive, and yet stiffer. “By using NRX graphite, especially on the heavy power umbrella rig rods and new jig and worm casting rods,” said Dave Brinkerhoff with the G.Loomis rod design team, “we can bring bass anglers the most dynamic rods in terms of lightweight, strength and sensitivity that we can make.”

The new NRX916C UBR umbrella rig casting rod – a 7-foot-7-inch extra-heavy power model – features a “tip soft enough to load, yet stiff enough so it doesn’t overflex and create issues with the line and reel,” Brinkerhoff said. “And because of NRX sensitivity, you’ll feel every change in the rig and how the baits are swimming.” The rod is rated for 50- to 80-pound PowerPro braid.

Following the fast action, magnum taper design of its Mag Bass Classic rods, the NRX Mag Bass casting rods include the 7-foot NRX842C MBR and 843C MBR. The 842C is the ‘open water’ for use around docks, weed edges and rocks, while the 843C has a slightly slower flex for fishing lighter baits and unweighted soft plastic jerkbaits. “Bass anglers will also appreciate the versatility of this rod,” notes Brinkerhoff. “It can also be the perfect rod to pursue northern pike and walleyes, along with in the salt for snook and redfish.

For use to fish grubs, tubes and small worms, the new NRX842S SJR spinning rod is designed off of G.Loomis’ popular Classic Spin Jig series. It has slightly slower action for easy loading and exceptional lure control, “plus the 7-foot length increases casting range and provides solid hook-setting power both at long-range and in deeper water,” Brinkerhoff explains.

In expanding its NRX ‘Jig & Worm’ rod line-up, G.Loomis now offers two new casting rods and three new spinning rods. For deep water use with big worms, jigs and creature baits, the NRX894C JRW and 895C JWR 7-foot-5-inch casting rods have the extra length needed to enhance casting distance and positive hooksets.

On the spinning side, with the design focus on dragging tubes in deep, clear waters where extra length and power is needed, the new rods the 7-foot-3-inch NRX 872S spinning rod, and the seven-foot-six-inch NRX 901S and 902S. “We’re really taking care of smallmouth anglers throughout the Great Lakes areas with these rods, plus those anglers who fish big clear-water impoundments,” notes Brinkerhoff.

And for those deeper water situations where a bit more power is needed when using a shakyhead worm, there’s the new 6-foot-10-inch NRX-823S SYR. “You’ll be able to work the bait with the right action and very little lateral movement with the mid-tip flex,” Brinkerhoff said, “plus you have that added NRX sensitivity and extra power when the fish move deep.”

All the G.Loomis NRX bass rods feature a unique ‘Hybrid Guide System’ that combines the strategic placement of both Fuji titanium-framed SIC and REC Recoil black ion coated nickel-titanium guides from the stripper to the tip. G.Loomis also provides its own ‘skeletonized’ reel seat design, where an angler’s finger is truly on the rod blank.

The rods are backed by the G.Loomis ‘Wild Card’ program, a popular option first offered on the NRX rods to provide anglers with a one-time-only free replacement should they accidently break it – no questions asked. In addition, like all other G.Loomis rods, they feature a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.