Fusion Offers Shallow Mount Speakers for Easy and Versatile Installation

Auckland, New Zealand – Fusion®, a worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, announced today the release of the new SM Series shallow mount marine speakers and subwoofers, engineered to deliver high-quality acoustics ideal for installations where mounting depth is limited.
The SM Series is specifically designed with a sealed, perfectly-tuned enclosure to produce quality audio reproduction that could normally not be achieved with a standard speaker of similar size in the same location. The sealed enclosure design enables for a truly shallow mounting solution without compromising sound quality and protects all components from damage, making the SM Series capable of being installed in positions such as cabinets without needing rear speaker cups that often reduce sound quality and complicate installation. In addition, concealed mounting holes allow for a more uniform, cleaner look.

The new speakers can be installed in various positions to suit any situation. There are two optional accessory mounting spacers available to support this and provide flexibility. The two-surface corner spacer is designed to fit perfectly into perpendicular spaces where two walls meet. The three-surface corner spacer is ideal for angling the speaker down from a ceiling corner for better acoustics. The SM Series is available in four grille options: fabric white and black for interior installations and plastic white and black for exterior applications. Rated IP65 for dust and water ingress, the SM Series is perfect for the harsh marine environment.

“We are excited to announce the SM Series speakers and subwoofers,” said Peter Edwards, managing director, Fusion Entertainment. “Boats often present unique installation challenges while aesthetically pleasing and functional audio is an afterthought for most boat designers. Our new shallow-mount speakers are perfect for offering the highest quality sound with extremely versatile mounting options.”

Fusion, the leader in marine entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time on the water. Fusion, owned by Garmin, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at Garmin’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on Fusion’s FM Series speakers and subwoofers or its entire line of audio products, please contact 623-580-9000 or visit www.fusionentertainment.com.