Fuji Introduces Ultra Poly Rod Wrapping Thread to Rave Reviews

To most folks, rod wrapping thread is nothing more than a decorative item for foregrips or to hold guides in place but in a production situation thread is much, much more. The way thread ”handles” can smooth the work flow of an entire factory or create bottle- necks and vociferous complaints from workers often paid on ”piece rates”. At the other end of the spectrum, artistic custom builders are fastideous about the tiniest details of the wrap.

Considering the demands of both factories and custom builders led Fuji® to a long list of ”must do’s” for its new ULTRA POLY thread and, according to early feedback, the new thread is delivering – big.

Users are excited not only about the vibrant colors but also about things most of us will never understand, like the way the thread comes off the spool and lays on the rod. Or the way it ”packs” into a tight solid color and burnishes to a satin smooth surface ready for an epoxy top-coat. Even the way it cuts with scissors or a razor blade can impact the wrapping process. ULTRA POLY is recieveing high marks in every category.

Unlike standard Nylon wrapping thread, ULTRA POLY is the first Polyester thread made for rod wrapping. It contains no silicone or oil normally found in the sewing indus- try and is manufactured for Fuji® to exact standards by one of the most technologically advanced thread manufactuers worldwide. Best of all, it’s located a short drive from Fuji HQ in Japan, which imporves both response time and communications.

If you build your own rods, ULTRA POLY is worth a look. The downloadable catalog is at anglersresource.net and the product has just reached the shelves of most rod building supply houses nationwide. Available in size A and D in Ultra and NOCP; 100 meter and 1oz spools in 16 colors.