FTRCast: How to Win the New Product Showcase

Best of Show—the most coveted award at ICAST. Overall winners go down in history. Losers go back to the drawing board, or at least they don’t get a cool trophy and tons of free press. So what’s the best way to win tackle retail’s most coveted award? Delve into FTRCast Episode III to find out.

In a world where web posts must be approximately 300 words in length to meet search engine optimization requirements, continue to read this paragraph as we give you a taste of what’s to come when you click the below link to play Episode III of FTRCast. Inside, you’ll find breaking industry news—but not too much of it, because it’s been a slow news week. You’ll also discover the romantic, dessert-laden origins of the modern outboard motor, and most importantly—you’ll finally learn FTR’s foolproof method to winning a Best of Show award at ICAST.

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Want to listen to more episodes? Check out our archives, here. Remember, ICAST 2016 is just around the corner. Now is the time to gather your troops, strategerize and win the New Product Showcase!