FTR Launches Fishing Industry Podcast

The game is afoot. What game? The Podcast Game, and this week FTR is becoming a player with the launch of our first ever fishing industry podcast. It’s called the FTRCast (because “creativity”), and it’s your chance to catch up on the topics that matter most right now in the world of fishing. Listen at your desk. Listen in your car. Listen on the hood of your 1974 El Camino. Whatever. Just listen.

Why should you do that?

This week, FTR Managing Editor Ken Duke and I square off in Springfield, Missouri, to discuss the latest in the Bass Pro/Cabela’s rumors and what it’s like to be inside the Lew’s Ozark Fishing Museum.

So how do you hear it? 

You can listen on any device—including desktops—by clicking play below. If you have an iPhone, you can find us on iTunes or click here to open your Podcast app and subscribe. Android users will need to use an app like Stitcher from the Google Play store.

What’s FTRCast all about? It’s about you—the members of the tackle industry. It’s about news like buyouts and trade rumors. It’s about telling stories from the retailers, manufacturers and media that make up our industry. And it’s your place to go for the dirt on things you see on and FTR Magazine.

As if that’s not enough, retailers who subscribe to our podcast will be put on the short list for a spotlight on this very website.

Retailers: we want your take. Are fishery issues affecting your sales this year? Did something totally bizarre happen in your store last week? Let us know and you could be invited to join Ken and I on the next FTRCast.

Manufacturers: spill the beans. Send us your product news and promotions and you may find yourself in the hallowed halls of FTRCast audio.

For now, kick back and enjoy. Whether you’re at the office, in the shop or heading out the door on your way home, the first ever FTRCast has something entertaining in store for you.