FTR Launches Adventure Section

Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson. These were legendary writers who have one thing in common with FTR—none of them ever worked for FTR. But what they did was something extraordinary. And it’s something we hope to do for you next. These greats took you to scenes of intrigue and scenes of disarray; scenes of the world off of the printed page.

In his early reporting at the Toronto Star, Hemingway somehow turned a visit to a local barber college into the stuff of legend: “For a visit to the barber college requires the cold, naked valor of the man who walks clear-eyed to death. If you don’t believe it, go to the beginner’s department of the barber’s college and offer yourself for a free shave. I did.”

If you’re scratching your chin, imagining yourself walking into a creaky building full of anxious teenagers with razor blades right now, that’s the point.

And while we may not have Hemingway—and we may not send writers to your local barber college for a cutthroat adventure—we can send them to other places you might like. We can send Polly Dean to the Gulf of Mexico to check out the latest fishing kayaks, or we could send Mike Pehanich to check out the latest retail trends at Angler’s Avenue in Wisconsin. We can dig up the latest fishing videos from around the web, or we can investigate the strange appearance of an endangered asian fish on your dinner plate.

Odds are, most of those places aren’t right outside of your door. But they are out there in the world off of the written page. Now, with’s new Adventure section, they have a home. Now, you know just where to look when you’re in need of a quick getaway from the counter or your overflowing inbox.

Hey—we’re not advocating taking your mind totally off of business. We are still “The Business Magazine of the Sportfishing Industry.” But we are saying it’s okay to have a little dose of adventure once in a while.