FTR Behind the Lens: Brad Wiegmann

FTR is taking a look behind the lenses of the industry’s best photographers. From saltwater to fresh, corporate hustlers to freelancers, we’re bringing you the stories of the shots that mean the most to them. We continue this week with freelance outdoor writer and photographer Brad Wiegmann.

The gear: Canon 7D; 11-16mm

The year: 2014

The spot: Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

The story:

I have to say it’s impossible to pick just one photo because there are so many that are memorable. So here is one with a great story behind it.

For me, photo shoots are less about the angler and more about the fish—how it moves, jumps and becomes the main focus. This Texas bass wasn’t going down without first putting up a battle. This photo was captured on a shoot I was doing for Bill Lewis Outdoors.

This was my first photo shoot with FLW pro Andrew Upshaw, and the chemistry between the bass, Andrew and myself made it possible to get the perfect photo.

Chemistry between the angler and photographer can make an average photo shoot a phenomenal photo shoot, and that’s what happened in this case. We made the most of the short time we had to get a number of jumping bass photos including this one. Amazingly, over the years, Andrew and I, have been able to get numerous excellent photos on photo shoots across the country.

Truly, the best part about his photo shoots is it’s like we both expect another great photo every time out, and normally we get one. However, the friendship with Andrew is what makes this photo special and one I will never forget.

The photo went on to win the Missouri Outdoors Communicators Photo Contest. It was used in advertising for Bill Lewis Outdoors/Rat-L-Trap in Bassmaster Magazine and other publications. It’s also one of the few photos I have hanging in my office.

The shot:


-as told to Joe Sills by Brad Wiegmann

Brad Wiegmann is an Arkansas-based outdoor writer, photographer and angler who criss-crosses the country in search of fishing adventure. You can follow his travels on Facebook.