From Tackle To Triumph: Essential Tools For The Fly Fishing Angler

When approaching a stream, keenly studying the current and structure of the water, including the ripples and eddies, along with bugs and debris, will net handsome rewards in your pursuit of the perfect catch. Trout can have an almost single-minded desire when looking for lunch! They can get locked onto a single stage of one insect and ignore all other flies completely. Taking time when approaching a stream, looking for what insects are hatching and how the trout are reacting can make all the difference for a good day on the water. Seeing those little sailboat-looking mayflies drifting down the current and disappearing in a lazy swirl is akin to a giant billboard shouting, “Hey, use this fly, dummy!” 

Just like using the right fly at the right time, having the right angling tools can make just as much of a difference in a quality day on the water. Small flies are notoriously hard to handle with large fingers. Having a set of Smith’s hemostats/forceps on hand to help sort the flies in fly boxes or hold a fly while attaching it to a tippet can make a frustrating job relatively easy. The hemostat feature allows the forceps to be locked, so you can clip the fly into the tiny jaws without worrying about holding onto it when attaching your leader. Smith’s has three different models to choose from, which all lock, and one even offers a set of scissors to help snip a new length of tippet. 

A set of nippers is always needed in a fly fisherman’s arsenal. How many times each day are you changing flies, adding another section of leader, or converting from a dry fly to a nymph and indicator rig? When doing these small chores, a quality set of nippers is mandatory when dealing with the small diameter lines. You could always use your teeth, but as my dentist always says, “They’re jewels, not tools!” Smith’s Regal River Nippers keep my dentist off my back and my teeth in pristine condition.

Have you ever missed a couple of fish to discover that your hook point has been dulled from running into a few too many rocks along the stream bottom, or maybe an errant impact with something on your backcast? Regardless, when this happens, having a small hook sharpener with you can be a blessing and help save you from having to tie on another fly. Smith’s Regal River Fishing Tool has a diamond hook sharpener, a coarse and fine knife sharpener, braided line nippers, a point to clean out head cement from a blocked eye on your flies, and a lanyard to help keep it close at hand. What’s not to love?

Last but not least, you can’t forget the pliers, another tool that is just about mandatory on any fish outing. Sometimes hemostats just aren’t enough when unhooking an unruly trout, and a good set of pliers becomes necessary. Pliers can be used to fix so many little things; they become that ubiquitous yet highly needed original multi-function tool! The best part of the Smith’s Fishing Pliers with Sharpener is they come with a bunch of extra features like a sharpener, a split ring attachment on their nose, a lanyard, a sheath, and a side cutter that is sharp enough to cut through your gel-spun backing! This is just one of those tools that should ride on your belt every time you hit the water.

As you can see, Smith’s Consumer Products has all those tools that make each angling outing much more effortless. Check out their other wide assortment of tools at

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