From Flipping and Punching – and Casting and Cranking – Shimano Metanium Reels Available in Three Specific Ratios

IRVINE, Calif. – Built light for all day fishing comfort, plus with performance features to effectively fish all types of techniques, Shimano introduces the Metanium baitcasting reels series – providing North American anglers with one of Shimano’s lightest casting reels and offered in three different gear ratios. The new Metanium series includes six reels – the 100/101 (left-hand retrieve) with a 6.2:1 gear ratio to reel in 26-inches of line per crank ; the 100HG and 101HG reels in 31-inches of line per crank with a 7.4:1 gear ratio; and the 100XG and 101XG with a super fast 8.5:1 gear ratio – ideal for coming tight quick when flipping or punching by retrieving almost 36-inches of line per crank.

Along with being extremely lightweight reels (6-ounces total weight for the MET-100, 101, 100HG and 101H – 6.2-ounces on the 100XG and 101XG), anglers are also introduced to Shimano Micro Module gear system. “This new gear set makes use of smaller teeth – and more of them – to provide more contact points between the drive gear and pinion gear,” said Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development team. “And while anglers worldwide know our reels are smooth, the Micro Module gear system does take this smoothness to another level.”

Also featured on the Metanium reels (and also on the new Antares and Chronarch CI4+ reels) is Shimano’s SVS Infinity brake system. Anglers can control spool speed for precision casting especially when using lighter lures. An external adjustment knob provides for quick, precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch. Anglers will also experience the advantages of X-Ship technology, “where we the support the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, leading to better gear durability and also to help make long casts with light lures,” explains Gant.

To keep it all lightweight, “we construct the frame with our ‘Super MG’ magnesium material, and also use it on the handle side plate,” Gant notes, “while with the other side plate we keep things both light and add durability by using our proprietary CI4+ material.” Gant add that even with the magnesium material used the frame, the Metanium reels can be use for light tackle saltwater situations – with the appropriate freshwater wash off after every use.

All six Metanium reels have 9 S A-RB (anti-rust) ball bearings in strategic locations, and a one-way roller bearing for no handle back play. They’ll handle from 200 yards of 6-pound test mono to 120 yards of 10-pound test.

“It’s all about being versatile when it comes to the Metanium reels,” said Gant. “Not only do we offer anglers an extremely light and exceptionally smooth reels, but you also have your choices in gear ratios so you have the optimum reel speed for the fishing techniques you use most.”