Frabill’s Magnum Bait Station Available in 30-Quart Size

Grand Prairie, TX — Frabill has blown up the Magnum Bait Station and increased its capacity from nineteen to thirty quarts of live bait storage. The New Extra-Large 30-Quart Frabill Magnum Bait Station is unlike any other portable live well.

Planning and design of the Frabill 30-Quart Magnum Bait Station were carried out with the precision of convenience. A complete update and upgrade from the original. The 30-Quart Station has an array of new features crafted with the utmost thought and consideration. It received the honor of “Best in Show” at the 2019 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida.
Built much like today’s top branded heavy-duty molded coolers, the 30-Quart Station has an injection-molded base with a heavy-duty non-slip bottom. One inch of commercial-grade foam insulation controls the temperature even in extreme conditions. A waterproof and airtight gasket creates a perfect seal between the lid and well to keep bait healthy and lively regardless of the weather.
A fully integrated bait box, the 30-Quart Station has dual two-speed water resistant aerators built right into the lid, making other units with single side mounted aerators seem obsolete. Leaky air hose plumbing that causes cleanup after transport will be a distant memory thanks to the integrated aerators. Powered by D-cell batteries or the included 12V power adapter, the Extra-Large 30-Quart Frabill Magnum Bait Station provides live baits with the bubbles they need to stay fresh and lively. For longer bait storage, a 110V adapter is sold separately.
The 30-Quart Station is large enough to support all types of live bait. Whether it’s large shiners for freshwater or big goggle-eye for saltwater, the 30-Quart Station can handle it. Included in the new station is a removable divider that allows you to split your bait 50/50 or 70/30 for even more flexibility. Now fisherman can store two types of bait or even baitfish with crustaceans without fear of one affecting the other, each supported by their own aerator.
The 30-Quart Station has two large and comfortable handles that make relocating the station easy. Oversized durable composite latches keep the lid shut tight and won’t ever corrode or rust. A convenient feature of the 30-Quart station is an integrated ruler molded into the lid. Never put another fish in jeopardy fumbling around trying to find a ruler. A tethered drain plug built right into the side makes clean-up a breeze. Just open it up and hose it out.