Frabill’s Better Way to Keep Bait Alive & Kicking

Plano, IL – Savvy anglers know that fresh and lively bait is best. Thus, an integral part to any smart angler’s arsenal is an aerated bait bucket, like Frabill’s 6-gallon Aqua-Life Bait Station or 8-quart Bait Box with Aerator. Both models have become must-haves with anglers who fish live bait. Durable, quiet, dependable.

Now meet the newest Frabill design to join the top echelon of aerated bait bucket designs…

New for 2016, Frabill’s Model 4825 Aerated Bait Bucket holds 1.3 gallons (5.2 quarts) and offers anglers a smart alternative to clip-on aerators without having to move up in size to the 6-Gallon Aqua-Life Bait Station. Now anglers have the option of a top-performing bait with built-in lid aerator but in a smaller footprint – great for bank fishing and reducing clutter in any watercraft.

Also, given increasing invasive species regulations, anglers are becoming more conservative with how they utilize live bait. It’s now common for anglers to keep several oxygenated bags of minnows on the ready in a cooler, only breaking them open as needed. Frabill’s new Model 4825 Aerated Bait Bucket is the perfect container for this kind of fishing.

Frabill’s new Aerated Bait Bucket also conveniently fits into most consumer refrigerators to extend bait life even longer for multi-day fishing trips – or just keeping bait on the ready.

“We wanted to design a bait bucket that would give anglers of all kinds a smart, one-stop way to keep bait lively and fresh, but in a smaller footprint. We also wanted to make the product more user-friendly, moving away from the need for a clip-on aerator,” says Frabill design engineer, Tim Makos.

“Additionally, the built-in lid aerator was designed from the ground up for years of solid, quiet and bulletproof performance. The motor is both quiet and powerful, but in a scaled down footprint,” adds fellow Frabill design engineer, John Whalen.

Features also include an insulated liner to keep water temperature stable, a built-in compartment for lid-housed aerator, two- or four- AA battery operation, and much more.


Frabill Model 4825 Aerated Bait Bucket

  • 1.3-gallon capacity with included insulated liner
  • Upgraded lid with storage compartment for revolutionary aerator design, aerator clip-on bracket and hose hole in lid
  • 20 hours aeration run time, 2-AA batteries
  • 30-40 hours aeration run time, 4-AA batteries

MSRP: $24.99

Frabill’s new Aerated Bait Bucket is only one of five all-new innovative and economical bait bucket designs for 2016; a series that also includes the Drainer Bait Bucket, Bait Bucket, Insulated Bait Bucket and Dual Bait Bucket.  Learn more at