Frabill’s Bearclaw Nets Give Solo Anglers Nature’s Advantage

Grand Prairie, TX  – Frabill’s ground-breaking Trophy Haul™ Bearclaw Nets are developed precisely for solo anglers who want a highly engineered tool to land fish down close to the water. Unlike any net made before it, the Bearclaw features a dual arm handle with integrated forearm support.  This design allows solo anglers to effectively and comfortably scoop up their catch simply and with one hand. Stream anglers who wade also find the design works for one-handed netting. A unique advantage of the dual arm handle is that it incorporates the use of upper arm muscles, whereas a traditional single arm net only uses forearm muscles. This provide greater leverage and control for one-handed operation.

Once the battle with the fish ends, the net folds to stay out of the way. When the next fish bites, anglers easily flip the net back open with one hand and are ready to slide their arm in when the fish is near. Both the standard Bearclaw and the Bearclaw Night feature the asymmetrical Lockdown™ netting design that keeps the weight of the fish right under the handle. This gives the angler using a Bear Claw even more leverage to easily hoist the quarry aboard.
The Bearclaw Night is ready to take the angler on an adventure into the darkness. Its yoke has a built-in LED light that makes it easy to spot the fish when it’s time to net it. The LED illuminates the reflective coating on the hoop of the Bearclaw Night, too, enabling the angler to see when the fish is ready to meet the net. The Bearclaw Night also features Frabill’s snag-proof Landing Pad™, which helps the fish slide right into the bottom of the net-without hooks catching on the net itself.
All of these innovative designs add up to one thing for any angler using a Bearclaw: more fish landed. With their ground-breaking design features, the Bearclaw and Bearclaw Night models deliver what solo anglers want for consistent success.

Features: Trophy Haul™ Bearclaw

*Extra wide opening
*14″ x 18″ hoop
*18″ dual arm handle with integrated forearm support
* Folding handle
*Conservation netting
*Lockdown™ Netting
*Gold hoop (Bear Claw)
*LED light in yoke (Bear Claw Night)
*Reflective hoop (Bear Claw Night)
*Snag-proof Landing Pad™ (Bear Claw Night)
The Bearclaw is one of the latest examples of Frabill’s commitment to design products that help bolster angler success, featuring a ground-breaking double-handle design that enables easy one-hand netting.
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