Frabill Thermal Hub Ice Shelters

Jackson, Wis. – Early mankind, perched on rapidly freezing northern grounds, quickly figured out a way to stay warm: they made fire. Folks a bit later figured out that doors and windows stopped a bit of draft. Then the pyramid-builders evolved, and they developed an even better way to deal with the cold: insulation.

Ice fishing is undergoing the same evolution. We’ve had smoke-belching heaters and sealed shelter doors for decades. We’ve have weatherproof wind flaps and windows for years. Some have even tinkered with a few strips of low cost padding on their roofs.

That’s all fine and well, but if you’re serious about staying warm in the blistering cold, you’ll know nothing beats the five-wall insulation of a Frabill Thermal Flip-over Ice Shelter. Avid polar anglers know each of Frabill’s proven premium shelters, from the competition-mauling Predator to the covert Commando, has a bluster-busting thermal option to keep you and yours on the ice and in front of the fish, no matter how low the mercury drops. But that’s last year’s flint spear tip.

Welcome to the next evolution. The blizzard wizards at Frabill have conjured up a new paradigm: Ultra-portable; Ultra-spacious; Ultrarevolutionary: Frabill Thermal Hub Shelters.

Just like the stunning selection of Frabill Flip-over shelters, the complete line of Frabill Hub shelters now come in Thermal configurations. Whether you prefer a quick set and spool with a buddy or need a great hall for an impromptu popper party, Frabill has you covered; covered in Caribbean warm, tough-as-nails 3-ply insulated fabric that eliminates condensation and cuts the snap and crackle of thinner, wind-whipped sidewall fabrics, keeping your extremities warm and your sanity intact.

Amazingly, Frabill accomplished this feat without sacrificing the features or quality of the original lightweight Hub design. Spacious interiors, dual zippered doors, multiple clear view removable windows, MaxVent Air exchange, and Frabill’s quick set frame are all incredibly intact.

Folks, it’s time to leave the cave.

Frabill Thermal Hub Shelters are available in comfortable 2-angler Frontier (25 ft2 of fishable space), ample 3-angler Outpost (34 ft2 of fishable space), and mammoth 6-angler Headquarters (68 ft2 of fishable space) configurations.