Telescoping Jiggler Long Rod

Frabill’s New Telescoping Jiggler Long Rod Blends Stealth and Sensitivity

Plano, WI – When anglers discovered flippin’—that quick and quiet pitch into the bedrooms of big bass—it opened the doors to a whole new realm of shallow water success. Why zing long noisy casts at bass that are literally, sometimes, lying directly beneath the boat?

Ditto for ice fishing. Consider those ponderous panfish and other active species finning hungrily beneath your boots. No need to fire a long bomb of line off your spool when a simple dip will do. Just as those 7- and 8-foot flippin sticks fit sweetly into any rod locker—thanks to their slick telescoping construction—Frabill’s radical Telescoping Jiggler Long Rod features a glossy, retractable blank that deploys essentially like a Jedi lightsaber. (Available in 54- and 64-inch models.)

Unveiled last winter by Frabill’s progressive ice strategists, the Jiggler hole-hopping system gave rise to measurable upticks in hardwater panfish catches. Chief among them was Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, the legendary ice pro who’s since bombed big bluegills with a maelstrom of hole to hole maneuvers. And thanks to the Telescoping Jiggler Long Rod’s portable stature, Bro stows a selection of these stealthy sticks in his compact ice case.

“The Jiggler’s radical tunnel-through design is a marvel on ice,” Bro interjects. “Line flows straight through the blank to shield against line coils, wind interference and freeze-up. The result is superior bite-detection. In shallow weeds, I can quietly creep up to each hole, make a soft dip and tag big spooky ‘gills without even turning the reel handle.”

Telescoping Jiggler Long Rod

For those extra angry slabs, the Jiggler also features Frabill’s patented drag system for super smooth control. The integrated single-action reel also sports a large arbor 1:1 reel ratio with a composite spool and body, and is imbued with special Sub-Zero® winter lubrication for continuous liquid-smooth operation. The reel’s also ambidextrous and oversized for maximum versatility.

Further extolled by Bro, as well as tournament sharpies such as Jacek Gawlinski, is the Jiggler’s supremely sensitive tip, which extends into an ultra-tuned spring that quivers nervously if a fish so much as breathes on a bait. Enhancing the line-to-lure connection—and augmenting ergonomics—is a palm-friendly cork handle.

Adds tournament ace and Polish fishing sensation Gawlinski: “As new tournament tactics and European-borne methods continue to evolve our sport, Frabill remains steps ahead of other American manufacturers. No other company I’ve worked with is so proactive in its approach to ice fishing—and that’s a game-winning blueprint for all anglers involved.”

Initially offered in two length and UL actions, the Telescopic Jiggler Long Rod system extends from 36-inches or less to both a 54- and 64-inch ultralight “flippin’ stick” on ice. Oh so nice.