261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos

Frabill’s New 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combo

Plano, IL – Problem: Twisted line from conventional spinning gear produces an unnatural whirl to lures. Solution: Frabill’s revolutionary Straight Line 101 eliminated the spin.

Problem: Fish in deep water are just as partial to non-twirling baits, but harder to get up to and out of the hole once duped. Solution: Frabill launched the 241 Straight Line Reel , a 2.4-to-1 multiple-retrieve wonder that made landing fish from the depths easier than ever.

Problem: Large fish that make powerful runs also lurk fathoms below the frozen surface and often wreak havoc on gear. Solution: This season’s introduction of the 261 Straight Line Reel, with an ultra-smooth drag system and even faster 2.6-to-1 retrieve.

Matching the perfect rod to such an innovative reel as the new 261 requires deliberation. So for hardwater hopefuls looking to come out of the gates matched, Frabill’s new 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos are harmoniously pre-paired on the design table.

New for 2014 are six 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos to cover nearly every circumstance ice anglers face. The series includes a 24-inch ultra-light action and super-strike-indicating 24-inch Quick Tip, a 30-inch light-action and Quick Tip, 36-inch light-action and, you guessed it, 36-inch Quick Tip to round out the run.

“Every rod in the lineup is super sensitive and ideal for detecting the lightest bites whether I’m fishing tiny jigs tipped with minute maggots or larger spoons and jigs, even in deep water. And the 261 Straight Line Reel is an amazing piece of equipment that balances out perfectly with numbers of sticks,” says Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, famed Northern Minnesota guide and Frabill prostaff.

Each rod in the Bro Series comes wrapped with durable aluminum oxide guides that allow line to flow smoothly in the coldest of conditions and an aluminum reel seat to firmly secure the 261 reel to the handle at just the right balancing point.

As for the 261 reel itself, the super-strong composite body makes it light-in-weight and warmer to the touch than those constructed of alloy. As well, it features an elongated stem and oversized ambidextrous handle that make reeling, even with gloves, a breeze.

Inside the 261’s gear housing is a 4-plus-1 ball-bearing system bathed in Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® lube to stay pliable even in harsh below-zero conditions. And the 261’s large and balanced spool doesn’t only sport a super-smooth drag system, but also free-spools when needed to make lowering even the lightest jig effortless. To that, an audible or silent bait alarm switch lets you know when a fish is taking out line.

And like all Frabill Straight Line Reels, line flows directly off the spool of the 261, which eliminates twists and the abnormal-in-nature spinning bait.

Problem: Well… there is no problem when using the 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos by Frabill. Unless you’re a hungry fish, that is.

261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos