Frabill Fabricates Faster, Finger-Friendly Ice Tool

Jackson, Wis. – Only one season ago Frabill hit the reset button on ice fishing reels. Spinning reels still reign, and are core to the sport, but the radically different Straightline yielded an advantage that simply couldn’t be spun out previously: line twist. The friendly-flow off the Straightline reel keeps line in its original, off-the-shelf, untwisted condition. Now, the ice-heads at Frabill have taken the same principles and amped up the technology, divining the Straightline 241 Bro Series Combo.

Commencing at the reel, the lightweight composite techno-tool is built to provide strength and durability – and all the while remaining lightweight. The unique composite design offers the additional benefit of not feeling cold to the skin in frigid temperatures. Line waterfalls gracefully from its balanced spool, while an amazing 2.4:1 ratio retrieves line at a rate never seen before in a fly-fishing styled reel. Its oversized handle eliminates fumble-fingers, even for guys with oversized paws. Lastly, like all of Frabill’s premium reels, the 241 is infused with Sub-Zero® lubricant to keep parts moving fluidly regardless of the air temp.

“It’s like holding the future in my hands,” says combo collaborator Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “I thought Frabill put itself clearly out in front of the pack with the original Straightline reel. Now, we’ve entered hyperspace at lightspeed. The 241 is so advanced, so fishable, so ahead of its time…”

The matched rods are similarly special. All Straightline 241 Bro Series Combo blanks are technique and species specific – bluegills to crappies to perch to walleyes. Line flows effortlessly through durable and dynamic aluminum oxide guides. Each model also features a unique aluminum reel seat to securely fasten the 241 reel to the rod.

The Straightline 241 Bro Series Combo is available in six technique-types: UL 24″ Panfish Jigging Application, 24″ Quick Tip (panfish), 30″ Quick Tip (panfish), L 30″ finesse walleye/larger panfish), 36″ Quick Tip (panfish) and L 36″ (finesse walleyes/larger panfish).