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Foundation Outdoor Group Welcomes Brand Ambassadors

Professional Rod Builders Stephanie Aderhold and Mary Christy Join Foundation Team.

Oviedo, FL – Foundation Outdoor Group, the world’s largest supplier of rod building components, supplies, equipment, and instruction, proudly welcomed Stephanie Aderhold and Mary Christy as the latest additions to its esteemed ambassador team. Both are exceptional rod builders that bring a wealth of passion, expertise, and dedication to further reinforce Foundation’s commitment to promoting the art and industry of custom rod building.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stephanie and Mary to our Ambassador Team,” said Brook Oliva, President and COO at Foundation Outdoor Group. “Their extensive knowledge, passion for teaching, and dedication to the art of custom rod building make them invaluable additions to our team. We eagerly anticipate collaborating to promote custom rod building and the growth of our industry and trade.”

Stephanie Aderhold, an accomplished rod builder and business owner, brings years of expertise in the custom rod building industry. Stephanie specializes in marbling and crafting decorative custom rods, producing a multitude of exquisite creations for her and her husband, Kevin’s company, Bait Slinger Custom Rods. Stephanie continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible within the art of marbling, showcasing its artistic essence. Her prominent presence on social media, instructive live videos, and in-person workshops across the nation make her a leading figure in the custom rod building community.

“I’m excited to join the Foundation team and to advance our craft,” said Stephanie. “Custom rod building continues to grow, reaching more and more anglers every day. Joining the Foundation Outdoor Group team is a great way for me to lend a hand and to share my artistic experience with new builders.”

Mary Christy, a seasoned custom rod builder with 12 years of experience, has honed her rod building skills working alongside her husband, Wes Christy. A specialist in decorative wraps, Mary is dedicated to empowering fellow custom rod builders through various educational channels, including online classes, in-person workshops, and live videos. Mary firmly believes that every rod builder has the ability to master decorative wraps and other aspects of the craft, which is why she shares her extensive knowledge with the community. As part of her mission, Mary manages The Southern Rod Builders Group and The Women’s Rod Building Alliance on Facebook, encouraging innovative thinking and self-improvement within the community. Mary and Wes host the “Decorate It” podcast, where they explore various techniques for customizing and decorating rods, available on major podcast platforms and YouTube.

“With the strength of Foundation Outdoor Group behind me, I am confident that we can educate even more new rod builders,” said Mary. “And with leading brands like American Tackle, MHX, and CRB, I know that we are bringing the best products in the market to our customers and viewers.”

The Foundation Outdoor Group Ambassador Team is pivotal to the mission of connecting people with exceptional products and brands that elevate their outdoor experience. By engaging with a diverse and passionate group of ambassadors, the brand fosters a strong sense of community and commitment to the great outdoors.

About Foundation Outdoor Group, Inc.

Foundation Outdoor Group, Inc, stands at the forefront of the fishing industry as the undisputed global leader in fishing rod and tackle crafting components, supplies, equipment, and instruction. With 15 international industry awards, and an extraordinary and diverse portfolio of renowned brands, including Mud Hole Custom Tackle, American Tackle, MHX, Custom Rod Builder (CRB), ProProducts, ThreadMaster, and FishHawk, Foundation Outdoor Group has established its presence on three continents, offering exceptional products and services to anglers in both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business markets worldwide. Foundation Outdoor Group’s unwavering commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction has revolutionized the fishing experience, catering to enthusiasts of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.

About Stephanie Aderhold Rod Building

While maintaining a commitment to precision & performance, Stephanie Aderhold nurtures her need for beauty & perfection, crafting hand tailored, design-specific fishing rods. By combining her specialized artistic marbling and decorative threadwork with custom-turned grips – paired with action-specific rod blanks, guides and reel seats, Stephanie’s customization options are limitless. With purposeful intent to create heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind, fishing rods, Stephanie utilizes her creative energy & positive spirit, resulting in unique, beautiful, and practical pieces of functional art.

About Mary Christy Rod Building

Mary Christy, a seasoned custom rod builder with 12 years of experience, specializes in teaching decorative wraps to fellow custom rod builders. Her online school offers flexible learning, allowing students to progress independently. She actively engages on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Mary’s mission is to ensure all rod builders have access to learning, foster community growth, and inspire younger generations. She manages The Southern Rod Builders Group and The Women’s Rod Building Alliance on Facebook. Together with her husband, Wes, they host the “Decorate It” podcast, exploring diverse ways to customize fishing rods.

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