Forgiving Casts with Tactical Black

Several years ago, Bullet Weights® made a big dent in the sinkers space by introducing their Tactical Black tungsten line of weights. With a durable, matte finish, Tactical Black was designed to keep fish focused on the bait, not the weight. Since then, these weights have helped countless amateur and pro anglers alike coax in even the wariest bass. Additionally, because the finish won’t fade, peel or chip off, the only thing that could put these weights out of action was losing them on the bottom of the lake. Until now.

Tactical Black Tungsten Drop Shot – Finesse

This summer, Bullet Weights has introduced new Tactical Black tungsten casting dropshot weights. Built around Bullet Weights’ proven Tactical Black tungsten design, the new weights feature a durable swivel to allow anglers to cast harder in a variety of situations. The built-in swivels allow the weights to be tied on rather than pinched, lowering the likelihood that the sinker will be lost at the bottom of a lake or river. This means an angler can cast harder (and often farther) without fear of snapping their line and losing their weight.

Bullet Weights pro angler Jeremy Lawyer helped develop and test the original Bullet Weights Tactical Black weights back in 2017. Not only are they a must-have in his tackle box, but he argues the new casting weights will help fishermen of all skill levels catch more fish.

“The new Tactical Black tungsten casting weights are a beneficial product for the everyday angler because it will last longer,” said Lawyer. “With a pinch sinker, sometimes it cuts your line off when you cast, but with the swivel you can tie it on just like a lure and cast harder without worrying about losing your weight.”

Tactical Black Tungsten Drop Shot – Round

Besides the bulletproof finish and the built-in swivel for more forgiving casts, the Tactical Black line offers all the benefits of tungsten. Denser than traditional lead weights, Tactical Black tungsten weights offer a more compact profile and increased sensitivity.

“Tactical Black tungsten casting dropshot weights are just the latest iteration of the Tactical Black line,” said Bullet Weights President Joe Crumrine. “The addition of a swivel makes these weights even more versatile, giving both the pro an extra edge on the water and the weekend fisherman a more forgiving cast. The casting dropshot checks all the boxes.”

Tactical Black tungsten casting dropshot weights will be available in three styles (teardrop, finesse and round) as well as five sizes of each style (1/8 oz, 3/16 oz, 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz) for 15 total options to choose from.

Tactical Black Tungsten Drop Shot – Teardrop

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