Fishlab Releases The BBZ Bio-Rat For 2023

ONTARIO, Calif.: FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and for 2022, adding award winning lure designer Bill Siemantel of BBZ Baits to the mix, it is sure to be a great year on and off the water.

Chasing big topwater bass has been a passion of award-winning lure designer Bill Siemantel of BBZ baits as well as FishLab Product Manager Mike Bennett for many years.  This year, the two minds combined to create the new FishLab BBZ Bio-Rat creating a whole new wave of topwater explosions and excitement.

“I have always loved throwing a topwater rat and seeing the huge explosions coming up from the deep,” states Bill Siemantel of BBZ Baits.  “This new FishLab Bio-Rat is something I have been tinkering with for years, and really getting it dialed in is very exciting.”

The FishLab Bio-Rat will be available in two sizes, 7 ½” and a magnum 10” size bait.  These baits can be fished fast or slow, on a straight wind or a walk-the-dog style retrieve.  The baits come standard with an easy to swap replaceable tail section as well as custom spinning feet that give off a huge splash and gurgling sounds drawing in big bites from great distance.  The FishLab Bio-Rat will feature tournament grade black nickel BKK hooks to really keep your fish pinned when you get bit. Available in five colors options such as Brown, White, Grey, Black and Morning Dawn, the Bio-Rat is sure to have what you are looking for in huge topwater action.

The BBZ Bio-Rat will have a retail price of $21.99 to $24.99.   For more information, please visit


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