FishLab In The Field – Pyramid Lake Cutthroats

There are certain bodies of water where the fishery is so well known that the legends born their transcend genres across the world. For instance, you may not be a tarpon fanatic, but it’s likely that you’re familiar with the action to be had in Boca Grande. Similarly, anglers flock to Montauk Point in New York to get in on the fantastic striper fishing. Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada is worthy of such recognition as it plays host to some of the most fantastic cutthroat trout fishing to be had anywhere in the world, and that’s where FishLab recently put some of its new baits to the test.

When settlers first arrived in the region, rumors arose of cutthroat trout landed in Pyramid Lake exceeding 60 pounds. Today, 20-pound fish are not uncommon, and anglers target them from shore and by boat, by fly and with artificial lures. Angler Denis Isbister prefers the latter when fishing his home waters, and he can be found both trolling as well as casting FishLab Lures when hunting huge Pyramid Lake cutthroats.

Setting out planer boards armed with Bio Minnow Jerkbaits to widen his reach and cover more water; Denis runs a trolling pattern to locate actively feeding fish. Once fish are located on the troll, he swings back and casts to the fish with the very same jerkbaits he had just been trolling. He works the edge of the sharp ledges where cutthroat hunt and ambush large baitfish such as tui chubs and suckers which help the cutthroats grow to exceptional size in the big lake.

Pyramid Lake has a wide variety of structure to target over its 125,00-acre expanse. With the Sierra Nevada Mountain range as a backdrop, anglers will encounter long gravel bars and points, sandy flats and steep rock cliffs, each requiring a different technique to find success. When trolling doesn’t produce, or Denis simply wants to change things up, he often switches gears and casts a jig, but it’s not just jigs that produce. The new FishLab Guppy Bladebait can be fished in much the same manner as a traditional jig but it provides the added attraction and benefit of its tight wiggle and heavy vibration. It can be cast or vertically-jigged, depending on where the fish are staging, simply by changing the line tie-in point.

Pyramid Lake is angler Dennis Isbister’s fishing laboratory, and here is what works for him.

Bio-Minnow Jerkbait

The Bio-Minnow Jerkbait comes available in two sizes, a 4 1/2″ and a 5 1/2″, in both shallow and deep-diving models and in five fish-attracting colors including perch, firetiger, black gold, blue silver, purple back, black silver, as well as a clear ready-to-paint version. The shallow diver models are suspending while deep divers have floating action. The Bio-Minnow Jerkbait comes pre-rigged with a nose split ring and features black nickel hooks.

Bio-Minnow Wobbler

The Bio-Minnow Wobbler is available in two sizes and comes in five fish-attracting colors including perch, firetiger, black gold, blue silver, purple back, black silver, as well as a clear ready-to-paint version. The Wobbler features a bent back for deep diving cranking action that gives the bait an erratic side-to-side kick. Each Bio-Minnow Wobbler comes pre-rigged with a nose split ring and black nickel treble hooks.

Guppy Blade Bait

The Guppy Blade Bait is one of the most lifelike blade baits on the market. With its exaggerated belly, the Guppy Blade Bait produces a heavy vibration perfect for long casting. Featuring two separate line tie points, the action of this bait can be changed for vertical or casting presentations which will trigger bites from hungry fish. Available in three sizes and seven fish-attracting colors, the Guppy Blade Bait is the perfect addition to your arsenal.

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