Picking the Right Crawfish Color for Spring

For most of the USA Spring Time Fishing still seems to be a long time away. The Pros at www.bigbassbaits.net want to help you with more knowledge while you are still getting your fishing tackle ready. Be sure you have a good assortment of Custom Painted Colored Crawfish Crankbaits.

Recently, the 2015 Bass Master Classis was held on Lake Hartwell, just a short distance from the home of www.bigbassbaits.net, and just like last year’s Bass Master Classic at Lake Guntersville, the bigbassbaits team got to view a lot of the Pro’s rods, reels and they baits. Almost all of the pros had a colored crankbait tied on.

At www.bigbassbaits.net, the team is constantly asked by many of our nation’s best pro fisherman to custom paint lures with precise color patterns. This time of year, the requests for crawfish colored crankbaits are hot! Last Year, Randy Howell made the Demon Craw Crawfish Crankbait famous by using it to win a half a million dollars and he just used it again at the 2015 Bass Master Classic.

Most fisherman use these different color crankbaits without knowing why, how or where to fish them. The Pros at www.bigbassbaits.net want to give you the knowledge you need. Knowledge, not luck, is the key to catching more and bigger bass.

[divider]Crawfish colors by water temp[/divider]

  • 50 – 56 degrees   Color: Demon Craw (mostly deep reds)
  • 55-60 degrees   Color: Guntersville Craw (more orange / little reds)
  • 58-67 degrees Color: Rustic Craw (more yellow/little orange and red)

Do you know why Spring is the very best time to use crawfish crankbaits? It is because February thru May is the first major period of time for crawfish activity.

At 50 degrees, the male crawfish emerges from the rocks in search of female partners. Just like Mr. Bass is also looking for Miss Bass to do some spawning.

At this time, the male crawfish exposes himself to bass as they walk around trying to find a date. Make sure you have the right color Crawfish crankbait for the water temperature because it matters! Here is the general rule to guide you.

As the water temperature changes so do the crawfish.

  • From 2 feet of water to 25 feet, Big Bass are lazy feeders.
  • Fish your crankbait slow.
  • Always fish parallel to the bank.
  • Very Important! Hit the Rocks on every cast! Bass locate crawfish by sound. Live crawfish make a clicky sound as they move around, so never use a silent Crawfish Colored Crankbait. Banging your crankbait on the rocks will catch you more fish.

Almost every lake in the USA has crawfish. Now that you understand how important Crawfish Colored Crankbaits are….GO FISHING!

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