FishHunter Launched by Appetite Lab

Just in time for the holidays, FishHunter™, the most advanced portable sonar and fishfinder app for Android and iOS devices that communicates by Bluetooth, was launched today by Appetite Lab.

“Fishing enthusiasts, gadget and gift buyers will all want FishHunter™ because we believe it offers the ‘best of breed’ features at the best price compared to the competition,” said Appetite Lab CEO, Michael Smith. The portable fishfinding sonar has advanced engineering with military grade technology and five years of rigorous testing. “FishHunter also provides great price value in the market because of its ease-of-use, rugged construction, portability, and comprehensive feature set,” Smith said.

FishHunter™ SONAR communicates via Bluetooth, while floating in water sending detailed information back to an Android and iOS device with speed and precision. “From our view of the market, the FishHunter™ app which comes free with the sonar, also has more features designed into it then the competition, with six powerful benefits combined into one product offering,” Smith said. These include:

  • The most advanced mapping available to create GPS-based fishing spots.
  • Catch functionality allowing for extensive log-book creation, including bait used, fish photos and catch size and species.
  • Pre-trip planning tools that allow you ensure you have the best conditions by providing a Moon Forecast with rating indicators for every day of the year, and short and mid-term weather forecasts.
  • A fish database which identifies different species of fish, tips on best hiding places and bait to use.
  • Advanced social sharing and network capabilities allowing you to compare and share your catch and location information with other FishHunters.
  • In-app photo contest allowing FishHunters to get rewarded for their catches with the chance to win great prizes.

“FishHunter™ redefines the meaning of portability for fishfinders with a baseball-sized super sonar that fits in your pocket, and a best in class mobile application,” Smith said. “Competitors are more expensive, their products are bulky and require complicated boat installation and hardware.” By contrast, you hold FishHunter™ in one hand, turn on your phone and you are ready to catch fish.” Smith said. The Android version is available now, the iOS version is available November 26.

FishHunter™ is aimed at recreational fishing enthusiasts and performs well in cold and warm temperatures, in streams, lakes and the ocean. The battery lasts approximately eight hours and is rechargeable. FishHunter™is environmentally safe, shock resistant and waterproof and can communicate to a maximum depth and distance of 30 meters.

The app and sonar may be purchased at for $229(US) plus shipping for markets in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. There is also an introductory offer till January 15th, 2014 for those who only want to purchase the app (and not the sonar) of $1.99, versus the regular $3.99.

Appetite Lab is a mobile app development company based in Toronto, Canada. This tech company is hungry for innovation and makes meaningful mobile apps and software solutions to improve consumers’ quality of life today. With an app to help entrepreneurs, dog owners, and now fishermen (and fisherwomen), Appetite Lab is changing the way people see and do things, and is inviting mobile users to be more effective at work and play. Each of these apps impacts an established industry, affects a sport, changes and disrupts the status- quo. Appetite Lab styles itself as an app incubator using state-of-the-art technology to design, develop, and market its own creations, as well as advancing other people’s creative innovations and profitable ideas. The team also partners with other innovators bringing ideas and products to life. The Company was founded in 2012 by Michael Smith, the founder of Consumer Impact Marketing (CIM Ltd) and FieldMatrix, a business software solutions provider whose clients include Esso Imperial Oil, Fuji Canada and Rogers/AT&T.

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