Fishhound’s Product Showcase and Field-Testing Program Delivers for Boomerang Tool Company

LOS ANGELES –’s Product Showcase and Field-Testing Program has definitely paid off for Boomerang Tool Company, makers of the innovative line cutter “The Snip” and other unique fishing tools and accessories. Participating in the Fishhound program, which allows members to field test, report on and keep some of the hottest fishing-related products on the market, resulted in a measurable increase in website visits, consumer interest and online sales for the Los Altos, Calif.-based manufacturer.

According to Rick Patri, Fishhound’s vice president, operations, the Snip received significant exposure to the Web’s fastest-growing angling community through reviews posted by members at the site and at Fishhound’s incredibly active Facebook page, which now boasts more than 490,000 fans. “Over just a three-month period, The Snip was field-tested and reviewed by hundreds of our members, and the ‘I found this review helpful’ button was clicked over 40,000 times,” said Patri. “The members that reviewed the Snip were impressed by the quality and performance, and the news spread quickly,” Patri added. “Earned media like that blows away anything traditional advertising can offer. When anglers recommend a product to fellow fishermen based on their firsthand experience out on the water, that’s as compelling as it gets. Plus, the buzz is viral – it not only reaches Fishhound’s members, it influences angling enthusiasts all over the Web.”

Dan Cornell, Boomerang Tool’s president and co-founder, has been extremely pleased with the results Fishhound has produced for his company. “Fishhound has the ability to leverage the power of the Web and social media to really spark interest in a product,” said Cornell. “We know that once an angler tries a tool like The Snip, and sees what it can do, he’ll tell all his friends about it. That’s exactly what happens through Fishhound’s Product Showcase and Field Testing Program, but thanks to technology, the effect is multiplied and the reach is much more substantial.”

Patri points out that The Snip was one of the most requested tackle items ever offered to Fishhound members for field-testing. “We went through the first supply in record time, he said. “Now, we’re working with Boomerang to get a second shipment in so we can keep the excitement and momentum going.”

To learn more about Fishhound’s Product Showcase and Field Testing Program, or to register for free as a user, visit: If you would like to promote your product at and to nearly half a million Fishhound Facebook fans through member field tests and testimonials, contact Program Manager John Loughlin,