Fishhound Cuts Deal with Boomerang Tool Company

Fishhound,, one of the fastest-growing membership-based websites and leading provider of real-time fishing reports, announced today that it has entered into a strategic promotional partnership with Boomerang Tool Company, manufacturer of the “The Snip” line cutter and other innovative retractable fishing tools. The partnership will allow Boomerang to instantly engage members of Fishhound’s thriving online angling community through exposure at and the Fishhound Facebook page (which boasts more than 370,000 fans), as well as through the Fishhound Product Showcase and Field Testing Program.

“Boomerang can expect to experience a significant increase in brand awareness, consumer interest and sales through the unparalleled online promotional opportunities Fishhound provides,” said Rick Patri, Fishhound’s vice president, operations. “Through our unique promotional platform, we’re able to harnesses the full power of the Web and social media to generate instant product exposure and viral buzz in a way no one else can.”

According to Dan Cornell, co-founder and president of Boomerang Tool Company, the decision to partner with Fishhound was a no-brainer. “We’re impressed with Fishhound’s ability to instantly reach large numbers of dedicated anglers and get them excited about a product. “A unique device like The Snip, which cuts through braid and monofilament better than anything on the market, practically sells itself once an angler is aware of what it can do. Partnering with Fishhound will create the kind of awareness we’re looking for and get fishermen from coast to coast talking about our tools.”

In addition to supplying unparalleled exposure through its website and incredibly active Facebook page, Fishhound allows members to experience a product’s performance firsthand through the Product Showcase and Field Testing Program. Through this popular program, Fishhound members easily earn points that can be redeemed for free tackle and fishing accessories. The members report on the products they receive, resulting in powerful testimonials that spread rapidly throughout the Fishhound community.

Fishhound leverages the viral nature of social media to create a platform where anglers, manufacturers, lodges, tackle shops and a variety of fishing-related businesses interact with one another. By understanding the way changes in buying patterns affect today’s consumer, Fishhound is able to educate and influence the purchasing decisions of more than 1 million social-media-savvy anglers per month. Sign up for free at

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