The best spoon fishermen know the importance of fishing the entire water column — especially deep pools, ledges, bait schools and thermo clines where trophy trout, bass, walleye and salmon do the majority of their hunting. Acme’s famous Kamlooper® spoon is designed to help fishermen do just this — which is why it has been a proven producer for many years, racking up wallhanger after wallhanger.

Acme’s Kamlooper features a unique body shape and high weight-to-profile ratio, helping this lure sink quickly and run deeper on the retrieve or troll. Smart spinning anglers take advantage of this characteristic by casting Acme Kamlooper long distances, then counting down as the spoon sinks to work different zones of the water column. Halting the retrieve at various points is another effective technique that achieves two things. One, it causes the lure to fall enticingly, which often is all that’s needed to get following fish to slam the lure. Two, this technique maximizes the deep-running performance of the Acme Kamlooper, keeping the lure down in the water column throughout the retrieve.

River and stream anglers know that Acme Kamlooper is the ideal spoon to toss into deep pools and pockets behind boulders and logs, where big trout, steelhead and salmon hang out of the current waiting for food. Trollers will enjoy the fact that Acme Kamlooper keeps its seductive swimming action at slow speeds, helping them present the lure wherever fish are feeding. Deep shoreline ledges, submerged points and suspended schools of baitfish can be effectively targeted by slow-trolling the Acme Kamlooper. Stopping the boat occasionally for a few seconds helps keep the lure in these deep feeding zones, often triggering a strike as the lure drops as if injured, then “swims” away as the troll is resumed.

The Acme Kamlooper comes in four sizes and five different finishes to help anglers “match the hatch” in any fishing situation. The smallest 1/8-oz. Acme Kamlooper is ideal for minnow-eating predators on ultralight to light spinning gear. Acme’s 3/16-oz. Kamlooper is only slightly larger, yet significantly heavier to cast farther and run deeper for trout, bass, walleye and more. There is also a 3/8-oz. Acme Kamlooper for targeting lake trout, river steelhead, bass or pike. True apex predators like salmon, pike, muskie and trophy brown trout often fall prey themselves to Acme’s largest ¾-oz. Kamlooper when cast or trolled on medium gear. When designing the Kamlooper, Acme paid special attention to colors and patterns that provide maximum contrast and visibility underwater. This is achieved through a combination of metallic flash and baked-on painted finishes. Quality components such as needle sharp treble hooks and stainless steel split rings ensure that the Acme Kamlooper will keep catching fish, season after season.

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