Fish Monkey Has Created a New Profit Center for Retailers

Do you remember how big the glove category was in 2015? Probably not, because there wasn’t a glove category then. Fish Monkey Gloves created the performance glove market when it launched in 2016 and by creating a new category, they created a new profit center for retailers.

Prior to 2016 if a retailer wanted to carry fishing gloves they had to buy an entire apparel line which is costly and sometimes complicated. What’s more, the gloves were typically an add-on to the line and almost an afterthought.

An avid angler, Tim Mossberg changed that when he began designing performance fishing gloves exclusively. A veteran of the fishing apparel industry, he understood the nuances needed to create a product that works – not just for the customer, but also for the retailer.

“I looked at other sports like golf and saw that gloves were driving foot traffic in stores and ultimately increasing revenue for the retailers,” said Mossberg. “We just didn’t have that in fishing. I knew how to find the right partners to design and manufacture a high performing piece of apparel and I knew how to set the retailer up to sell that product.”

The results have been extremely successful, Fish Monkey Gloves are currently available in over 1700 locations and 16 countries. In October 2021, Mossberg launched a sister brand, Hunt Monkey Gloves.

“What we’ve been able to do is to create a merchandising program that takes up minimal space but is extremely effective in terms of sales. Our Fish Monkey Two-Sided Display is only 6’ tall with a 16” x 24” footprint, but it holds 200-300 pieces. Our retail partners are turning this over 3 to 4 times a year. They’re taking in an extra $15k- $20k in revenue every year and that’s money they weren’t bringing in 5 years ago because the category didn’t exist.”

The relationship between Fish Monkey, retailers and customers doesn’t end there. A cursory glance at the brand’s social media channels gives you a sense of the marketing and promotion that has gone into the incredible growth of the brand.

Few apparel companies commit the resources Fish Monkey has toward building the brand’s awareness with consumers. Their marketing includes a robust social media presence, a heavy hitting pro angler team, television show sponsorships and fishing event sponsorships including the Big Bass Tour and the Student Angler Federation.

“We want to put our retail partners in the absolute best position to make more money by carrying our products. We’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the actual gloves, but we’ve also poured resources into brand recognition. There isn’t another glove company on the same radar screen as Fish Monkey when it comes to introducing the brand to consumers.”

That presence includes a smart television strategy that leverages trusted anglers like Captain Mike Anderson and hall of fame angler, Steve Pennaz who has been producing television shows for three decades and is one of the nation’s highest regarded multi-species anglers.

“We get invaluable feedback from our pro staff and media partners,” said Mossberg. “They have their finger on the heartbeat of the fishing industry and know what is needed and what products and needs are out there among the anglers of the world.”

The result of all these intense efforts has been growth that is seldom seen in the fishing industry. Just as the performance fishing apparel category exploded 20 years ago, the glove market is following the same trajectory. This trend represents a profit for retailers that wasn’t part of the puzzle until Fish Monkey came along.

Setting a 16” x 24” Fish Monkey Two-Sided Display in your store is the key to unlocking that new profit. Click here for more information, to become a dealer or find our local sales representative.