Fish-D-Funk™ Partners with Bill Dance

Spartanburg, SC Contec, Inc. of Spartanburg, SC, is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Bill Dance, Celebrity Fisherman on their D-Funk wipes and sprays product line. Three years ago Contec, introduced two new hand wipes made specifically for fishermen under the Fish-D-Funk™ brand.

The wipes are used to eliminate fish odor on your hands prior to eating and after cleaning fish. The scent-free version is used so that human odor is not transferred onto your bait or lures allowing fishermen to catch more fish. Both versions are made with Double Down™ Technology that eliminate odors at the molecular level and will not harm fish in a live well. Since that time the product line has expanded through other applications of Double Down™ Technology with the addition of the Cooler-D-Funk™, Dog-D-Funk™, and Boat-D-Funk™ brands. All products are manufactured in Spartanburg, S.C.

“We are thrilled to be working with a great person and fisherman like Bill Dance,” stated Chris Roman, Contec Business Manager. “Not only will Bill help in getting the message out about how well Fish-D-Funk™ works, but he will be a tremendous resource as we develop new D-Funk products. Bill has been a fan of Fish-D-Funk™ since the product was introduced into the market and we are excited to be working with him”.

Bill Dance commented, “An old fishing adage claims that old fishermen don’t die, they just smell that way. Well not if you use Fish-D-Funk! These amazing odor eliminating products do exactly what they claim, or my name isn’t Bill Dance.”