FINS Braids Releases Holiday Windtamer Braid Gift Box

Erlanger, KY – FINS Braids is pleased to announce the release of a special Holiday Edition Windtamer Gift Box with 3 spools of Holiday Windtamer Braid! Each gift box contains one each of 10, 20, and 30 pound test, 150 yard spools in a special red, green, and white color. This limited-edition Holiday Gift Box is available at

Windtamer is the most versatile braided fishing line in the entire FINS Braids lineup. From farm ponds to offshore billfishing, Windtamer is the go-to choice for any angler looking for braided fishing line that will perform exceptionally well in every fishery encountered. FINS unique post processing compacts the braid making it more firm and round, which allows Windtamer to pack tightly onto the reel. Windtamer eliminates wind knots, rod tip wrap, and twisting. Windtamer is an unusually round 4-end braid with no waxy feel.

FINS Braids provides a full range of situational fishing braid in various colors and tensile strengths that offer superior performance in any fishing experience. Headquartered in Erlanger, KY, BBS Tech, LLC (BBS) was founded in 1994. Over its history, the company has produced products for almost every major international brand and is now the last remaining US-owned and based manufacturer of high-performance lines valued by the serious angler.

BBS Tech developed FINS Braids, its own brand of ultra-high-weight-molecular polyethylene high-performance braided fishing line after over 25 years of manufacturing the worlds high-performance fishing braids. Find out more at