Fin-Wing Adds Glow-in-the-Dark Lineup for After Hours Fishing

Traverse City, MI – The sundial ticks. Mere days remain and the first day of summer will be upon us. The few weeks leading up to the summer solstice—the longest day of the year—are glorious for anglers. There’s more time to cast, troll and jig, even after putting in a full eight at the daily grind. 

But then comes the very next day – June 21st this year, to be exact – and daylight’s term begins to dwindle. A depressing thought? Not so to the nocturnal minded who understand that when darkness falls the biggest, baddest predators often get on the bite.

But it’s not easy for fish to make contact with their quarry in the pitch blackness. Those ultra-sensitive lateral lines of theirs? Yeah, they’re still working overtime, picking up the waves of whatever’s displacing water around them. And that inner ear? It’s continuously abuzz with various vibrations. Their vision after dark, however, is not 100 percent. And that one sense out-of-order interrupts the top of the food chain. Attempts on targets are made, but misses are often more frequent than meals.
So to enable these visually challenged fish, Fin-Wing has added three new potent glow-in-the-dark patterns to help big fish make contact with their prey under darkness and in colored water.

Born in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in 1943, well before phosphorescent paint was common place, “The Lure that Swims!” was catching all species of fish with its spoon-meets-swimbait dance and one-of-a-kind patented design. These new glow coated Fin-Wings further increase your odds, beaming brightly for extended periods after being activated by a flashlight or camera-type flash. You’ll immediately notice their exceptional brightness, too, produced by Fin-Wing’s heavy application of premium quality paint. 

Snook? Salmon? Trout? Walleye? Bass? Muskies? Yessir, all these species and more are notorious for feasting after sundown and throughout the night. Fin-Wing’s new Confetti Glow, Evil Eye Glow and Green Ghost Glow have the luminosity to light up the night and bite cast after cast, as well as trolling and jigging.

And, the Fin-Wing keeps it tantalizing subsurface path whether fished naked or tipped with a lively minnow or soft plastic bait. Even heavy-duty fluorocarbon leaders of 20-pound test won’t impede the lure’s motion. And don’t forget that walk-the-dog action generated when speeding up the retrieve for heart-stopping topwater action under the moonlit sky.

Like all members of the Fin-Wing family, the new glow colors are available in 1/4, 3/4 and 1 ounce sizes…

So yes, darkness is your old friend, but not in that melancholy Simon & Garfunkel sort of way. This time, you’ll become an optimistic creature of the night.