Methods™ travel series

Fenwick Methods Five-Piece Travel Rods

As a result, anglers sometimes have to sacrifice quality and versatility for portability. That’s why Fenwick developed the Methods™ travel series, a revolutionary design that brings anglers versatility, portability, and premier quality all in one package. Featuring dual power blank technology, the Methods™ series allows anglers to create four different rods from one 5-piece interchangeable set.

Fenwick’s Dual Power Technology, never before seen in a conventional rod, allows the angler to select the rod’s action and power by switching between the two included interchangeable midsections to change action and the two different tips for choosing power. This dual power technology™ makes the Methods unparalleled in versatility to any other rod on the market. Fenwick product manager Casey Davidson says, “The Methods™ series is a game changer for the traveling angler. It allows anglers to be prepared for multiple situations, offer several presentations, and still pack light.” Another important innovation in the Methods’ design is its spigot-ferrule connections that give the multi-piece high modulus graphite sections a consistent bend, and action of a high-quality 1-piece rod.

The Methods is easily packed in a durable travel tube making it the perfect choice for the traveling angler who wants to bring along a quality, easily portable rod when leaving town or hiking into the wilderness. Each package includes a handle, two midsections, and two tips and can be stowed with ease on an aircraft or in a kayak.

The Methods comes in two casting and two spinning models for a wide variety of applications and offers the anglers a portable, versatile, top of the line fishing rod. With its revolutionary design, the Methods™ travel series is sure to make a big impression this coming season.

Methods™ travel series

Rod Length (action)
Spinning 6’8” (medium-light and medium) 7’0” (medium and medium-heavy)

Casting 6’6” (medium and medium-heavy) 7’4” (medium-heavy and heavy)