Facebook For Your Business

Do you have a Facebook page for your business or tackle shop? What about those of you in sales, marketing or any other facet of the sportfishing industry? Facebook is the best free tool in your marketing and advertising arsenal. It builds top of mind awareness for your brand while giving your customers a face to become familiar with. In case you didn’t know, top of mind awareness is one of the most important factors that determine where and who consumers purchase from be they end users or fellow industry members.

Facebook helps you gain that top of mind awareness by showcasing your name and face or company logo on their newsfeed each and every time you post to Facebook. There are ways to be more active on Facebook; one of them is through third-party software that allows you to schedule posts to appear when your clients are most active online. Deciphering whom your audience is and when they are online is something we will cover in an upcoming article, so please be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and like us on Twitter to keep from missing the new articles.

If you haven’t started using Facebook yet, don’t just rush into it. Decide first off who will manage your page and do the posting. Nothing can ruin a good social media campaign quicker than inconsistent postings or worse, posts that do not speak to your audience. If you have a page, but have had little success or traffic to it, maybe it is time to dust it off and give it another try, but this time let’s do it right.

Who should post
The person who you appoint to be your social media guru should be someone trusted as they will literally have your company’s good name in their hands and can quickly ruin it. Pick a trusted employee, a spouse, or assign yourself that job, it is easier than you think.

How often to post
When you start out or restart your social media campaign, post at least three times a week on three different days. Here is a generic game plan you are welcome to use to get yourself started. If your busiest business day of the week is Saturday, then don’t post on Saturday, post on Friday to get your business to the top of those fringe clients’ minds. Post again on Monday with a weekend wrap-up, then do a final posting on Wednesday reminding everyone of your business and the upcoming weekend.

What to post
Post what you would want to see, or what you commonly discuss in your business. Showcase your clients’ successful fishing trips; ask them to post their photos to your Facebook page, or when they stop in, snap a photo of their catch and some measurements. If they let you, maybe even what lure you sold them that they used to catch that fish. This would be a great Monday job, as it will really sum up the weekend when most fishing is normally done. Your Wednesday post could be about what new shipment arrived this week and is on the store floor ready for your clients tackle box. You could even mention an upcoming sale that will kick off this weekend. The final posting of the week is your Friday post and honestly this is your most important post of the entire week. Are you the person your clients will be turning to for their weekend fishing supplies? This may be your last chance, so make sure it is a good post. Post something on Friday about the weather or the current fishing season and a good solid fishing tip they can use for this weekend. Once you gain more traffic, have your clients share their tips and make them a local celebrity for the weekend.

When to post
You know to post three days a week, but what time of day on those three days should you post? If I could tell you that I wouldn’t be writing this piece, I’d be so wealthy I wouldn’t need to work again. You need to post when you are most likely to be seen by your clients. Just like casting that top water lure, you want to use it when the fish are shallow and are likely to see it and hit it, just like posting to Facebook. Post when your clients are online and watch your campaigns bloom. You can do some quick research for a week or two to figure out the primetimes that everyone is online, just follow a few of your clients and see when they post. Most people are more active on social media during work hours if they are office based, or on their coffee and lunch breaks if they are more blue-collar. Posting when they are online will keep you higher up in their timeline and make your posts more visible. Their time online will change with the days; if I can suggest times to start working with I would say that Mondays tend to see people more active in the morning online since they are trying to extend their weekends a few more hours. Wednesday’s may be best to post during lunchtime, and Fridays would be best early in the afternoon to get those of us who tend to mentally check out early for the weekend.

I hope this is a good start for you to start playing with social media. Just remember that negative comments or feedback is the most damaging result of social media. If you have questions, comments or success stories to share, please share them with us on our Facebook page.