Facebook and the Holidays

It is November, and that means Thanksgiving and the holidays are just days away. As a retailer, your social media sites may be the deciding factor on whether that customer comes to your store or your competition’s. One of the best ways to make sure you see more customers than your fellow fishing tackle retailers is by sprucing up your Facebook page for the holidays.

Why decorate your page? First, you can only customize your store’s Facebook page so much, but the little you can do needs to be done to show customers you are in the holiday spirit. Over half of all shoppers use social media to help them plan where they are going to do their shopping, and nothing says “shop here” like a Facebook page that is not only updated regularly with holiday promotions, but also shows off its holiday spirit.

Start off with the easy parts of changing out your page to showcase the holidays. Changing your cover photo (the large main photo) to a photo of your store’s exterior or interior decorated for the holidays is a great start. It will showcase that your store is decorated for the holidays, but it will also give shoppers a visual of what to expect or look for when they arrive. Depending on your store’s location and local zoning rules, you may have to rely on your interior decorating more than your outside decorations. Just be sure to showcase your store’s spirit with a clear photo of your store decorated.

If you are unable to upload just one photo of your decorations, rotate a few of them every few days. It will help grab the eyes of your visitors and even help them remember to check back and see what new photo you are displaying.

Next, consider your store’s Facebook Profile photo. This is the most commonly-viewed image on Facebook. This image needs to be clear, to showcase your store and the holiday spirit. You should also have fun with this one. Showcase your employees’ holiday spirit or your customers’ holiday spirit by changing this photo out often with a new picture. The more fun you have with this, the more fun your followers will have. Ask them to submit their photo of them fishing or shopping your store in their best holiday spirit.

If neither of these options appeals to you, have someone help create for you holiday-themed images with your store’s logo prominently showcased in both. Remember that these images need to relay to followers your store’s name and remind them why they need to shop with you.

When it comes to posts, the more the merrier this time of year. You should be planning to post daily what sales you are running currently, what new shipments have arrived and great gift giving ideas. Sometimes just a simple idea can go a long way in bringing in a new customer. Anglers are sometimes hard to shop for, or at least non-anglers tend to think so. Each day if you post a great shopping idea and have your followers like the post, their friends on Facebook will see what they like and get a better idea what to buy for them. It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Facebook recently changed their promotional guidelines, making it easier to run giveaways and contests on your Facebook page. Take advantage of these changes and start running as many giveaways as you can afford through Facebook. Create special giveaways for Pre-Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or the Twelve Days of Christmas. Think outside the box and have fun with it. Don’t worry about what revenue you may lose by giving products away; think more in terms of how many more people are seeing your posts because you are giving items away and the potential new customers you are getting. When someone wins a contest, announce it on your Facebook page and congratulate him or her. When they come in to pick up their prize, try to capture a photo of them and post that on your site as well.

The more fun you can have with Facebook this holiday season the better your results will be. If you have ever contemplated running giveaways or contests online, now is the time to dive in. More customers and potential customers will be on the lookout for giveaways the next two months than ever before. Make sure your Facebook page is one they check in with daily to see what you’re doing and giving away.

What are your plans for your Facebook page this holiday season? Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our Facebook page or in our LinkedIn group. If you have questions or want to seek help, ask one of your fellow fishing tackle retailers there.