F&H Decals Introduces Hawg Tape to the Fishing Industry

Chicago, Illinois. — With Hawg Tape custom measuring decal, measuring your catch will never be the same. When Hawg Tape is placed in the bottom of live wells, near the aerating machine, the fish will naturally gravitate towards the oxygen supply allowing for a quick and easy measurement. Hawg Tape helps limits the out of water exposure that fish experience while being measured. Using a Patent Pending process, this premium product allows fisherman to measure their “keepers” not only in the bottom of livewells, but on lid covers, coolers, side of kayaks, and any other surfaces to measure your catch. Hawg Tape allows you to personalize the measurement of your fish with multiple designs and sizes. Hawg Tape allows you measure your catch using our front or back measuring feature no matter how your catch is placed on the measuring decal. Once installed, Hawg Tape can be completely submerged underwater without fear of peeling or fading.

Retail: $15.95