Prop Magic 95


Medford, Or. – Baitdomain, the authorized United States distributor for Evergreen International Co Ltd is introducing four new products to the US Market at the 2013 ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 9 thru July 13.

The Prop Magic 95 leverages the success of the original Prop Magic 75. The larger profile allows the bait to effectively reach fish that are deeper in the water column. The lifelike profile and realistic detailing combined with the rotating rear prop draws strikes from even the most reluctant clear water bass. The Prop Magic 95 is available in twelve premium color finishes including: Skeleton Chartreuse and Stealth Shad.

Prop Magic 95

The much anticipated Wake Magic makes its debut in the United States. The Wake Magic’s minnow like profile moves with a unique rolling action while the rear prop adds flash and sound as the bait enticingly wakes across the surface Featuring a complex rattle system, a specially designed center of gravity movement system, stainless steel rear prop, super sharp Decoy YS-21 trebles with a rear tinsel dressed hook, the Wake Magic is pure magic.

Wake Magic

Evergreen has added a new soft plastic bait to its extensive line up. The Pitchin’ Stick is a four inch stick bait designed by Masaki Shimono. The head of the bait is thinner and features a lower salt content than that of the thicker tail section. The Pitchin’ Stick is available in seven popular colors.

Pitchin' Stick

The new Big Bite Frog is designed to fish the heaviest cover. It is the perfect frog to fish over matted vegetation, thru the thickest slop, and in sparse grass. With a specially designed keel, the Big Bite Frog is easy to walk in a side to side motion making it equally at home in open water. Featuring a heavy-duty super sharp double hook for positive hook sets and silicon legs for added attraction, the Big Bite Frog is one of the most versatile frogs available.

Big Bite Frog

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