The proprietary design of Wake Fishing’s new “Soft Spoon” lure allows this unique hybrid lure to produce irresistible action both on the sink and during the retrieve. It incorporates the best qualities of a spoon and a swimbait, fluttering like injured prey as it drops and perfectly replicating the swimming action of a panicked baitfish when worked back to the boat.

Featuring a unique zinc S-curved “backbone” encased in a soft plastic body, the Soft Spoon sinks slowly and tantalizingly to trigger strikes from any nearby predators. It’s also deadly when retrieved at a variety of speeds throughout the water column. You can work it with a steady crank to target game fish feeding near the surface, or let it descend deeper and employ a slower retrieve to entice fish that are suspending or relating to bottom structure. While the Soft Spoon is specially designed for a slow sink, it’s heavy enough to allow for optimum castability. Every Soft Spoon is equipped with a sharp, super-strong treble hook too, for solid, positive hook-sets.

Available in three different sizes and 11 different colors/patterns, this versatile lure is an ideal offering for a wide variety of freshwater and inshore saltwater species. The choice of sizes and colors, along with the Soft Spoon’s easily interchangeable soft plastic body, make it simple for anglers to match the appearance of local forage fish.

For more information on the new Soft Spoon, or Wake Fishing’s complete selection of high quality lures, reels, rods, line and accessories, visit: www.wakefishing.com or www.jigwobbler.com.