Jeff Nead knows a thing or two about marketing. His firm, Glodow Nead Communications, represents clients from the Himalayas to Jackson Hole—boutique hotels and luxury retreats, wineries and adventure destinations, even a supermarket or two. And though he was once known as the drummer for the chart-topping British rock band Taxxi, Nead has spent the past three decades becoming a master of marketing.

This week, I sat down with Nead and Glodow Nead Director Morgan Moore, herself a veteran marketer with more than a decade of experience in top-shelf public relations, to find out how businesses from across the global landscape are finding creative ways to engage customers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
To get the goods, you’ll want to carve out a few minutes to eavesdrop on our Zoom meeting, the high points of which you’ll find below:

Conversation Highlights

  • Nead and Moore say that independent retailers need to be prepared for an economic reopening now. Corporations likely already have plans in place to gobble up marketshare from independent retailers as soon as consumer buying power returns. Those without a plan risk being left behind.
  • Businesses are experiencing an increase in online engagement.
  • Virtual events are one way to engage with customers. In the wine and travel world, that means virtual wine tastings and virtual hotel experiences. In our world, think virtual seminars and lure demonstrations.
  • Clients are reactivating dormant social accounts like YouTube. Be sure to have a way to convert those viewers into customers via a website landing page.
  • Newsletters are keeping isolated customers informed of the goings on in and about dormant businesses.
  • Glodow Nead is offering free Zoom consultations to any business owners that want to learn more about marketing and engaging customers right now. Visit their website for more details.