Egret Baits Debuts Kick A Mullet, Jr.

Egret Baits, a Division of Cowboy Outdoors, Inc., announces the addition of the Kick A Mullet, Jr. to its quality lures for inland saltwater angling.

“This is a smaller version of our popular 5- inch original Kick A Mullet introduced in 2011,” said Ken Chaumont of Egret Baits.

“The Kick A Mullet, Jr. is a 4- inch 1/4 oz suspending plug and a slow sinker which falls about a foot per 3- second count once it hits the water,” he said. “It also has a jointed moving tail patterned on our patented Wedgetail design.  As the tail sways back and forth on retrieves, the rattles in the tail emits audible clicks on every sway,” Chaumont said.

“The Kick A Mullet, Jr. is singly jointed at its tail unlike the original Kick A Mullet that is doubly jointed,” he said. “It also sports a pair of VMC saltwater treble hooks.

“It can also be cast in a rip-rip-stop pattern and then letting it fall,” he added. “And it’s been my experience that depending on the water temperature and trout bite on some days, you can rip it quickly and keep it just below the surface – and the trout will blow up on it,” he added.

“It’s a very versatile lure, one that anglers have been clamoring for ever since we introduced the original 5- inch Kick A Mullet,” said Chaumont.

Egret Baits’ Kick A Mullet Jr. prototypes have been tested throughout the fall of 2012 and all of 2013. The speckled trout and redfish have responded in numbers – especially trout within the 2- to 6- pounds range. Egret Baits’ Ken Chaumont did catch a speckled trout at 6- pounds on the Kick A Jr. in Prien Lake in the fall of 2012.

“The shorter design of the Kick A Mullet, Jr. lends itself to taking quality trout, but certainly I would have the original, 5- inch Kick A Mullet tied onto another rod for luring larger, trophy trout,” Chaumont said.

The Kick A Mullet, Jr. is available in 7 colors for now and more colors will be added in the future.

Lure Specs:  Weighs 1/4 oz and is 4 inches long.  All Kick A Mullets are rigged with VMC  saltwater hooks.

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