Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle, Co. Announces New Chairman of the Board of Directors

Drew McGill will guide the company assuming the responsibility for managing the company for ownership.

Effective April 9, Lee McGill made the decision to promote Drew McGill from Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Drew McGill becomes the fourth McGill to lead the company, marking the start of the next chapter in the company’s storied 99-year history. Drew has worked in the Denver, Colorado facility for over two decades, giving him a thorough understanding of our day-to-day operations. His experience includes working in operations, marketing, sales, and manufacturing departments. Drew has demonstrated his leadership role over the last two years, taking on the responsibility of building the new facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
“I am proud to continue my family’s legacy, and I realize I would not be here today without the great employees who have worked for us in the past and for those who currently work for us today,” Drew McGill stated.

Lee McGill will remain on the Board of Directors and will assist Drew in taking on his new obligations.


Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle, Co. is an American-based company that has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality fishhooks and fishing equipment for over 90 years. Our family of brands includes Eagle Claw®, Lazer Sharp®, TroKar®, Wright & McGill and Shappell®.