Wilmington, NC (May 2013) – Whether you’re heading to the beach, lake, pool or going out on the boat, chances are you’re taking some sort of electronic device. As many have found out the hard way, water and electronics don’t mix well. Some may try the plastic sandwich bag approach, however this method rarely works. It certainly does not allow users to take underwater photos or videos while snorkeling, respond to emails at the beach, and listen to music while swimming laps in the pool, this is where the DryCASE comes in handy.

DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof case that allows for complete use of your phone or music player while keeping it dry and clean. It is the only protective cover that allows for full touch-screen functionality because it vacuum-seals to electronics. The air tight seal guarantees that the contents of the bag will stay dry even when submerged underwater. Every DryCASE comes with an activity neoprene armband that can attached to your arm or keep your electronics afloat.

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Nokia Lumina, we at DryCASE have had an overwhelming amount of request for a waterproof case to accommodate these giant screens. Well, we moved the one way valve and rotated the integrated headphone jack and TaDAH – the DryCASE is now available to the growing number of “Phablet” owners.

“This DryCASE does everything I want and is definitely waterproof as I can see the air suction working properly over my phone. It fit my Samsung galaxy S3 and you know how big that phone is! I also tested the water headphone jack and it works great. I’m glad the Samsung s3 is able to swim with me. Thank you DryCASE!”

The DryCASE Smartphone is not the only thing we revamped for 2013. The whole DryCASE product line is now packaged in a beautiful, sleek, high gloss box. Our stylish new design reflects the high-quality of our product and ascendancy of the DryCASE brand. We love our new look and hope you will too!


The redesigned DryCASE is 4.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches long and retails for only $39.99. Most waterproof cases of this quality cost twice as much and lack the vacuum sealed protection the DryCASE offers. For more information and to find a retailer, please visit www.DryCASE.com or call 1-888-6000-DRY.