Drop Deep or Fly High

Cypress, CA – Meet the new champ when it comes to power assist reels. With an upgraded design that builds on the stellar reputation of the Tanacom series, Daiwa has knocked out the competition with its new Tanacom 1200. In a nutshell, this versatile new entry is easier to operate and offers more power and more speed than its predecessors, vastly improving the angling experience while kite fishing, deep-dropping, or bottom-fishing for halibut, snowy grouper, tilefish and other beasts of the deep.

“Our Tanacom line has long been synonymous with kite fishing and deep-drop action,” says Marc Mills, Senior Marketing Manager at Daiwa, “but the Tanacom 1200 features some engineering and design changes that make it extra special. Like all Tanacom Series reels, its remarkably strong and versatile – but now it’s even easier to use, plus it has more power, speed, efficiency and line capacity.”

When you’re talking about battling big fish in deep water, every little improvement helps. Now you can really stack the deck in your favor whether kite fishing off Florida, California, and the Gulf Coast, tempting rockfish and barndoor halibut in the Northwest, or tile fishing in Northeast canyons.

Indeed, the list of improvements and new features is impressive. For starters, the Tanacom 1200 holds and astounding 1,100 yards of 80-pound-test Daiwa J-Braid – that’s 220 yards more than the Tanacom 1000. It also has a 30-percent faster retrieval rate at a quick 110m/min, and 20-percent more power with 11.0 kg. Maximum drag pressure has improved, too. Saltwater-sealed, it now stands at a trophy-turning 55 pounds. Kite-fishing fans will also appreciate the over-sized line guide aperture which is big enough to let swivels and large knots pass through, so go ahead and crank that rig right up to your rod tip.

Still, the biggest improvement must be the new motor placement and gearing system. Previous Tanacom reels had the motor on the front which was sufficient. The Tanacom 1200, however, has the motor and new gearing hidden inside the spool itself – and that positioning really makes a difference in this reel’s outstanding performance.

“This new engineering design allows the same dependable motor we’ve had such great success with to generate even more power, speed and efficiency,” notes Mills. “Combine that with the rigid frame and side-plates, plus repositioned bearings that see less water exposure, and this reel is ready to rock and roll. It’s so fast, powerful, smooth, and saltwater tough that I can even see it pulling double-duty with swordfish, especially considering the outstanding line capacity.”

All the above changes are significant but big game, canyon and offshore fans will also love the Tanacom 1200’s ease of operation. To that end, you’ll find an easy-to-read LED dot screen and sealed electronics package with selectable languages to prompt you through power assist settings and procedures including automatic stop and jigging features.

Using the Tanacom 1200, anglers can choose to fight fish with the Power Lever and Aluminum Round Knob or let the 12-volt power variable-speed assist do the heavy hauling. When you’re done for the day, simply give it a light spray bath without worrying about wetting the electronics because they are fully sealed.

With so much innovative technology, plus extreme power, speed and efficiency, the Tanacom 1200 from Daiwa is far more versatile than you might expect, easier to use, saltwater tough and super strong. No doubt, this needs to be your next reel for kite fishing and deep-drop action – but it can be so much more for free thinkers. Available NOW. $799 MSRP is a knock-out, too.

Tanacom 1200 Features

  • Easy Operation Dot LCD Screen
  • Selectable Language
  • High Durability And Power
  • Over Size (Sic) Line-Guide
  • Power Lever
  • Aluminum Round Knob

About Daiwa Corporation

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