Do-It Announces NEW Hatchet Craw Mold

Denver, Iowa – Do-It Molds is excited to announce one of its newest soft plastic molds developed for the custom tackle community and avid bass angler. Introducing the Hatchet Craw.

At 3.9″ long, The Hatchet Craw features an extremely unique tail action and signature that is closest described as a “barreling” motion. Similar action to old school grubs but with a new-school twist and a more aggressive kick! The claws engage effortlessly on the fall or retrieve and make an excellent standalone flipping bait or trailer with its approachable profile, unique action, and size.

The NEW Hatchet Craw is part of the Do-It Essential Series XL of Molds and is made of high-quality sand-cast aluminum. It has 4 cavities and is top injection making dual injection color combinations quick and simple. The possibilities for customization are endless.

The Do-It Hatchet Craw mold will be released at Icast 2023 and will be immediately available for purchase in July 2023 at and custom tackle retailers everywhere.
Stop by the Do-It Molds Icast Booth # 4336 / Icast Show Only Specials and Hatchet Craw samples available.

MSRP = $92.00