Do-It Announces NEW CNC Bushi Beetle Softbait Mold

Denver, Iowa – The original Do-It Bushi Beetle mold was released at ICAST 2022 and has been a tremendous success with the bass angling community.  Do-It recently announced that a new CNC version of the mold is now available.

“Whenever we have a successful profile of an Essential Series Mold, we have custom tackle makers who request a CNC version. Our CNC Precision Series offers the same great profile in a mold that produces high quality detail and an HD finish.” – Brennan Chapman (Product Development)

At 4.2″ long, the Bushi Beetle boasts a big fish profile paired with a wide-splayed aggressive kick. With minimal gesture from the tip of the rod or retrieve of the reel it will create serious drag on the fall or retrieve. This creature bait is an excellent choice for any flipping scenario or as a trailer on your favorite jig. The Bushi Beetle has a wide stature and an alluring action that draws big bites while its streamlined body shape allows the Bushi Beetle to bust through grass mats and plummet to the biggest bites in the heaviest cover.

The new CNC Bushi Beetle is part of the Do-It Precision Series of Molds and is made of CNC machined billet aluminum. It is a single cavity mold and offers the traditional shine and gloss commonly found in store bought soft plastics.

The CNC Do-It Bushi Beetle mold is immediately available for purchase at Do-It Molds and coming soon to custom tackle retailers everywhere.

MSRP = $103.50